Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Now that Megan is in her second trimester, her nausea has improved and she is back in the kitchen again, in this case my kitchen. I had bought all the ingredients for Panang curry and today she came over to fix it for me. I was so looking forward to all the fresh vegetables; carrots, bok choy, onions, snow peas, because today was my day to start eating healthy again. Once prepared we sat down to enjoy it only to discover that this tin of curry paste was hotter than the surface of the sun. How it didn't eat through the metal of the can is a complete mystery.
This is what we ended up having for lunch instead.


Yes, those are Chickfila french fries. A giant bowl of them. I had those and a hot dog. Barf.
So much for eating healthy. I do plan on having a giant salad for dinner though. Its 106 out. Nobody should have to cook when its that hot....even thought my house is air conditioned and 80.


hilltopper said...

id say its time to head north. although at 91 tomorrow, its not exactly picnic weather. but Madison coffee and tea makes the best iced mocha lattes. so, yay heat

Brewier said...

I thought the Panang was just fine.

Tim G said...

I do love a good Panang, though Massaman Beef has to be the thai favourite.

Chikfila is one piece of fastfood that I desperately wish were in Australia.

Linda said...

Gosh, that is hot-the dish and your outside temperature. I can't eat hot things either.

Anonymous said...

You know how much I love to cook, but I'm starting to realize that if I lived somewhere like Florida or Hawaii, I probably wouldn't even know how to turn the stove on.