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Friday, April 28, 2017


Sunday on the way home from church, Megan and Oliver were in an auto accident. They are both okay, but the car is totalled.
I've spent most of the week at home, not doing much of anything. I felt like I needed down time; the accident affected more than I first thought. Yesterday we did venture out to the Science museum, where Megan dropped of a print for their aution, and Oliverand I got to check out a display that is being built. Theen it was on to HOrse & Hero, and lunch at Farm Burger. Big plans this weekend, becuase Sarah is flying in tonight!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Be Still My Heart.

There is a seller on Etsy that makes "Desperately Seeking Susan" jackets.

I saw the movie in 1985 when it was first released, and it spoke to me in so many ways. I loved the jacket Madonna wore and all the avant garde fashion.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Do Something Outrageous

In my devotions this morning it talked about how creative God is and how we too should be creative. The passage goes on to say that once a week to something unexpected and outrageous; don't let people put you in a box. I love that idea! Except...I can't think of anything outrageous to do that wouldn't result in my death. Im looking for suggestions here, so if you think of anything, please comment.
This past week has been spent lounging writhing on the sofa, drinking copius amounts of water and parsley tea, and making frequent trips to the bathroom, as I battle a UTI. Ugh. I can't imagine working outside the home and having to deal with this. For fun I went back and read my blog from ten years ago. At that time I watched my very entertaining nephews nearly every day, and they provided alot of blogging fodder. I got a bit meloncholy and started missing FL, and my house and family there, until I reminded myself that I was SO SICK every. single. day. something that you don't realize in reading my blog. I clicked on links to other blogs; the ones that sent me free stuff (bloggers used to do that for no reason other than sense of community) and they were all dead.
I used to have a haiku blog, and I wrote a poem a day, but for some crazy reason I deleted it! I have no idea why, but I did find one of the haikus on my regular blog.

Haiku for My Husband.

Brewier hates to shop
He stands in Target with me
Love, stronger than hate.

What a difference ten years makes.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

There Will Be No Third Time.

I was going to put this picture of Saturday mornings coffee, on yesterdays post, but it's so pretty I thought the photo deserved to stand alone. Brewier and I went out to breakfast, but instead of our tried and true City Bakery, we went to Rhu, one of John Fleer's eateries. Megan and I had been there shortly after they opened, but were sorely dissapointed in the over baked dried out pastries. I thought it was time to give them a second chance and ordered a sausage egg biscuit. The coffee was good.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I Didn't Quit.

I'm still here...attempting to blog...

Spring has arrived and it is beautiful. The tulips Ray and Brewier planted at Christmas are out in their full glory, and the trees are loaded with blossoms; so beautiful. Kids came over to visit and play, and the bears even made an appearence for them. We've walked around the Biltmore, and downtown, stopping to eat and drink. On one stop I found an artists print taped to a wall, free for the taking, so I took it. Free art all around town. It's a thing. Another thing... Oliver likes pretty food and drinks, so I try to make him something special everyday. Thats it, but I will be back tomorrow.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

They'll Be Home Tomorrow.

Megan and Oliver have been in Florida for the past week; I opted to stay home. I haven't been home alone for six years, and was wondering how I would fare. While I am an introvert, I'm one that likes contact with extroverted introvert. Yes, it is a thing. The verdict: I like being home alone. It took me a couple of days to get used to it, and on one sunny 75 degree day I got a bit sad, but it was only because I had nobody to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather with. I didn't accomplish anything big during my free time, I tidied closets and drawers, learned how to make orgami stars, cleaned the kitchen (and it has stayed that way) and listened to music whenever I wanted.
Recently I've been asking myself where my creativity has gone; I used to paint, draw, craft, all the time, and I miss it. Being at home all by myself has made me realize that to be creative and accomplish things, I need big chunks of alone time.

Today I spent the morning ironing Brewiers shirts, and binge watching a show on Netflix called, "Life in Pieces." It's pretty funny. (Megan, I think you'd appreciate episode two)

Yesterday I looked out my window and saw a bobcat in our driveway. Despite the fact snow is predicited for tomorrow, it is spring and the animals are out and about.

Brewier put up a new chandelier for me. There had been an old ceiling fan above the table, with plastic, drooping fan blades, and it was driving me crazy. I found this industrial/glam fixture on Ebay, and while it is a bit on the small side, I love it.

Monday, April 03, 2017

This Is Not Baloo.

The mama bear and her cub came back, and unlike the other bears I have encountered, this one is not shy, or afraid of people. I was home alone yesterday afternoon, (Brewier wisely shut the kitchen door, which I had open, before he left so bears couldn't get in) and heard noises by our garage. I looked out the window and there was the bear, and this is the healthiest, glossy coated, most beautiful bear I 've ever seen. I yelled at her through my open window, convinced she'd run like all the other bears, but instead she got up on her two rear legs, and reached up the side of the house to my window. I quickly closed my window and moved away from it. A few minutes later I went out to our second story deck to see if she had left. She had not and when she saw me on the deck, she got up on her hind legs again, reaching up as if to climb the deck, something bears are quite capable of doing. I got inside and locked my door, and listened while she tried to knock down my garage door. I've always been cautious around the bears, but never really frightened, but this one scares me.

This was taken from the second story window.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Before Another Week Goes By

Lorelei Ipa was my fave, followed by Molly's Lips. Brewier likes the Native Violet. There is no boring beer in Asheville.

I commented on what a delicious looking drink the woman next to me was sipping on. She offered me a taste, then gave me my own glass. It's grapefruit juice, St Germains, and a squeeze of lime. As the guy sitting with the woman said, "Its like sunshine filling your soul."

Last weekend was pretty busy. Oliver started soccer, we went to a pop up art show for Tara McPhereson, visited a new brewery, where I was given a drink by a stranger...which is happening a lot these days, saw friends from Jessicas camp days, and were visited by a very healthy and large mama bear, while cleaning out the garage.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Tale of Two Readers.

Megan and I went shopping at our libraries used book store, and we both came home with a pile of books. It's fairly easy to see where each of our interests lie.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sometimes God Makes Himself Known at the Thrift Store.

I've been wanting a black leather for awhile now. I've looked in thrift stores, but there was nothing fashionable, or that fit. I've had a beauty of a jacket sitting in my online Nordstrom cart for over a week, its even on sale. For $300. Everyday I'd go visit it, and would come so close to purchasing it (free shipping free returns!) but I just couldn't spend that kind of money. Friday during my daily chat with God I mentioned I'd really like a black leather jacket, and a wide striped shirt. I then went online to search for options, and everytime I'd think about pushing the "buy now" button, I'd be convicted not to do it. Instead I went to Youtube and re-watched Moniques videos to learn how to do bolder makeup.

Saturday Brewier and I went on our usual Saturday morning date...thrifting. Recently we've been really disappointed. Less merchandise, and much higher prices, so I wasn't holding out much hope for finding anything, but then God answered my prayer. I walked to the coat rack and the first leather jacket I grabbed was exactly what I was looking for and it fit perfectly. I walked over to the row of well worn shabby shirts, and saw a bit of navy and white peeking out. It was the striped shirt of my dreams, and it too fit. I was ecstatic. In the attempt to add color to my wardrobe, I also bought an orange light weight jacket, which Im not posting photo of yet because the one Megan took for me, has my eyes looking like a raccons, due to my foray into bold eyemakeup.
Our next stop was Goodwill. Ugh. They have raised their prices, and don't have much merchandise in their store any more; this was reflected in the nearly empty parking lot. I walked through the aisles seeing nothing of interest and headed back to the belts. It took some hunting but I found a couple of leather belts for Brewier and a yellow Betsy Johnson belt for myself. I also scored 4 necklaces at the store before heading home.

My thrifted, answer to prayer outfit. (I already owned the jeans and shoes)

Here I am trying, and failing, to look bad ass in my leather jacket.

I think this is only the second yellow item I've ever owned. The first was a bikini when I was 15, which I stopped wearing when I found out it became see through when wet. #Brunette

Holy crepe paper Batman! This is my attempt at bolder eye makeup and eyebrows...Yeah, I need practice, and some really good eye cream. #nofilter

Sunday, March 19, 2017

It's Been One Week

(Bare Naked Ladies)

Its been over a week since I took my unintentional blog break. The weather was snowy, freezing cold, extremly windy, and I was still mourning my friends all living in other states and not here. I had started the Whole 30, (which I will start again tomorrow,) and the only thing I was doing online was watching Youtube videos (you can learn anything on youtube) perusing Ebay, and returning wigs that I purchased on Amazon. Blonde wigs and grey wigs to not look good on me. I am still in awe of Monique, and the chameleon that she is. Last week she wore a lavender wig that looks fantastic on her...I think pretty much anything would look great on her.

This is me just out of bed; my hair looks like this every morning. If I could use product, I would style my hair this way, despite Brewier telling me that it looks like Im channeling Lyle Lovett.

The tragic grey wig.

Friday, March 10, 2017


Oliver has become quite the backseat driver, and when we are out and about he is always telling (in a demanding tone) Megan how fast she should be driving. Today while we were out he again started questioning Megan on her speed and driving ability, so I suggested we let him come up front in drive. "Well, okay, but I'll need my carseat up there." The boy has no qualms about driving without a license, but there's no way he is going to break the law by not being in his carseat.

Megan and I went to see the noon showing of Arrival, at Asheville Brew and View. I know this is not a big deal for most people, but we haven't been to a movie together since 2002. This is only the second time I've gone to see a movie since 2002. I celebrated with pizza and a beer. The tile work is from the brew and views bathroom. Oliver made sure he was attired correctly for spending a few hours at work with Brewier. He even had a name tag like Poppy.

I'm thinking about reinventing myself; my style self. My wardrobe doesnt feel like me anymore. Styles I've loved all my life make me feel like Im wearing someone elses clothes. I'm thinking I'd like to go edgier. I saw this jacket on Amazon, and fell hard for it. And this short haircut is similar to mine, I'm wondering if I have thick enough hair to grow out the longer pieces.

Yesterday after dinner Brewier and I were walking through out neighborhood, and heard what we thought were bears. It was a group of college kids on spring break. They were staying at a nearby cabin, and thought they were in the woods, rather than a neighborhood. There mission was to find a good spot to watch the sunset, so we walked them to the mountain beside our house. The sunset was spectacular.