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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Facebook Made Me Buy It.

In the wee hours of the morning when insomnia strikes, I can be found on FB catching up on everyones lives, which seem to mainly consist of sharing memes. In between those reposts are ads which I normally scroll by, but Fb has learned of my interests, and in my sleep deprived state, I have succumbed to their enticements. Three out of my four FB ad purchases I have been thrilled with and I will share them with you.
First is Ella and Mia nail polish. Yep, I painted my nails and survived. I can't really call it a healthy polish, but it doesn't have the top 7 toxins in it. Besides being less toxic, its the best polish Ive ever used. It has great coverage, dries fast, and lasted a week without any chipping. A+

My second purchase was lipstick from Color the World Lipstick. Hand poured with a portion of their sales goes to non profits, its geared to the more mature woman, with the promise of being moisturizing, and anti feathering, with no added fragrance or flavor. It delivers on all of those things and I love it. The biggest complaint I see on their website is that it doesn't wear all day. No it doesn't. If it did it would be very drying.

Not as glamorous as makeup, but life changing for me, were the shoe inserts I purchased from Protalus. I'd been having a lot of knee pain along with plantar fasciitis, so I thought I would try these out before heading to an orthopedic surgeon. Im glad I did because the insoles resolved all my problems.

The one item I bought from a FB ad that was a big failure, was from Thirdlove. I actually tried purchasing bras from them twice, and could never get the right fit. Im sure for the average built woman they are great, but I have a band size of 32 and a cup that runs a third of the way into the alphabet, and there was no support in any of the styles I tried.

So there you have it; Fb ads do work.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Me and the Naked Chef.

I spent some time in the kitchen with Oliver today, working on knife skills and stir frying. Thats onions and bacon in the pan; it didn't take him long to realize he would need to wear a shirt along with the apron. After cooking we went outside for a walk, stopping to make clover necklaces.

Here is the ugly sofa I bought. What sold me on it was the wooden base. Once recovered in linen, the piece will have the British Colonial vibe I like. For now it's living on our lower deck, also known as the "bear walk". The sofa may be ugly, but its well made and it has taken me an hour to partially remove the back fabric.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


I won the friend lotto this month. Two weeks ago John was here for a visit, and this past weekend Sarah flew up, making me SO happy. She got in Friday night, and I warned her that I would be waking up early to watch THE wedding, and she said she would watch it too. Megan and Oliver joined us, and we all sat in my king sized bed, watching on the computer, drinking coffee and sipping congratulatory bellinis. The weekend passed in a blur of shopping, coffee shops, food, and yes, a couple of breweries. Yesterday we went to the Biltmore to view the Chihuly exhibit, and it is stunning. Megan bumped into her gardener friend while there, and he snipped a rose for her. She is the first person ever to have this rose, as it is a brand new unnamed hybrid. Yes, she felt special.

Friday, May 18, 2018


I went to Salvation Army to buy a sofa that had been sitting there for a month and ended up bringing this Crate and Barrel bookcase home instead. I did buy the sofa; the worlds ugliest sofa, but its living outside under a tarp because it smells of Febreeze. Now, Brewier and I both sniffed it and it was fine, but the day I went back to purchase the sofa, the store smelled overwhelmingly of perfume and chemicals...I didn't connect it to the sofa, but apparently the Salvation Army ladies spray everyday. Ugh. This means Im still without furniture.
I found these books at the thrift store too. Yes, I see the irony of the Pioneer Woman and Skinny Taste lying next to each other.
My new sheets are on the bed, awaiting my weekend guest.
Are you going to watch the royal wedding tomorrow? I hadn't planned on it, but with our torrential rains, I think we may stay in for the morning, plus I've been watching BBC for the past couple of days; they've had back to back programming of past royal weddings, and now I feel I must watch tomorrows.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

If the Shoe Fits..

The shoes don't fit, but the rest of Olivers clothes do...sort of. Yes, here is Megan attired in Olivers shirt, pants, and hat. Why? Just to see if she could.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


(Que Petula Clark. I loved that song as a kid. I envisioned myself walking around a big city like New Marlo Thomas in That Girl. I had a great imagination, because we lived in a teeny tiny town)

Yesterday before the epic rainfall started, we walked around with Melissa, visiting coffee shops. While the girls chatted, Oliver and I played checkers. During our walk we bumped into Zac and Tom, and visited Justin at Horse and Hero. Downtown is changing so fast, lots of older structures are disappearing, so I was really happy to see how the facade of this 1920's building was saved and integrated into the new structure.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mothers Day was the Best.

I ask my family not to make a big deal out of Mothers day because I feel loved and appreciated by them on a daily basis, so our holiday was spent on the deck, eating, drinking, talking and playing; it was so relaxing...the weather was phenomenal. In the evening we went to the Salvage Station, a local events venue, and listened to one of my favorite bands, Pleasure Chest. Oliver had fun rolling coins across the expansive floor in front of the stage, and an older gentleman joined him for some competitive fun.

As I was going to bed I noticed my pajamas and sheets match!

Monday, May 14, 2018

And the Winner is..

Everyone who commented on the blog or FB had their name written on a piece of paper.

The papers were folded and placed in our Yahtzee can.

My lovely assistant shook the can, dumped the names and chose one.

And the winner is Hope. Msg, or email your pouch choice and your address.

Thanks for playing!