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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Let There Be Sunshine!

The rain is gone, and the sun is out. Our night time temperatures dip into the 50's. but during the day, it's close to 80 degrees out. Brewier and I took advantage of the nicer weather, to drive to the Biltmore without any kids. We walked around the house and gardens, and found out that come February, there will be a display of movie wedding dresses at the house. The guide told us that the Inn at Biltmore had the wedding dress from, "Out of Africa",(one of my favorite movies,) already on display. We drove through the grounds, saw the French Broad River overflowing it's banks and covering many of the bike paths, and up to the Inn. I can't believe we've never visited it before; it's quite beautiful. There is a library lounge, with intimate seating, and views of the mountains, and an downstairs dining room. The entire lobby invites you to take a seat and get cozy. After viewing the wedding dress, we walked outside to the patio, which has a great view of the winery. Brewier and I agree, that it's a place we want to visit again.

And, Kristen J, thank you so much for your encouraging comment, it really means a lot to me.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

I love grey rainy day's, I really do, but it has been *raining for a solid week. It started last Thursday on our trip home from Florida. We had planned on being home before dark; both Megan and myself have night blindness, but Columbia S.C., traffic, delayed us an hour; it's as bad as driving through Atlanta. So dusk is approaching, and it starts raining. Not sprinkling, but raining cats and dogs...and it's getting darker, and the state of S.C., apparently doesn't believe in reflective paint on their interstate. As Megan so accurately put it, "It's like driving on a mirror, with a disco ball spinning, blinding you." It was a really intense drive, and we were thankful to have made it home safely.
Our autumn color is starting to appear, but the leaves are being knocked off the trees before we can enjoy them, and oh, by the way, we are supposed to get hit by a hurricane this weekend. I keep forgetting I live in a coastal state. If I wasn't getting company next week, I'd be in the car, driving back to Florida. Yeah, I can't believe I just said that either.
So between the rain, missing my Fl. family and friends, starting the Whole 30 program, looking for a new home, and Brewiers, job coming to an end tomorrow, I've been down in the dumps.

There was a short break in the rain, so I took Megan and Oliver up Elk Mountain, so Oliver could climb rocks, one of his most favorite things to do.

Meg saw this bumper sticker on a car, and shouted, "Mom! Thats you!" Guilty as charged.

*We've been in a severe drought, so the rain really is welcomed.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I'm Back.

From Florida, where I met my new granddaughter, Brooke Charlotte, (though we all keep calling her Charlotte.)
While there both Darlene and Sarah drove over from Orlando, so we could visit, mom and Dick came over for the day, and I even got to visit with Keith, who was in from NYC.

Ray took the three oldest kids camping for the weekend, so I got to spend time getting to know Jackson, who really only knew me as the lady on the computer.

While Sarah was visiting, we went to the Oxford Exchange; my favorite place in Tampa.

I want to live in the Oxford Exchange, its so beautiful.

Four generations.

The kids love dancing, so mom and Dick gave them pointers.

Oliver with crazy hair and a cape.

This gigantic pepper grinder, at William Sonoma. Do you think anyone will buy it?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Our Weekend Looked Like This.

These are photos from some of our weekend activities; I didn't document everything. Saturday Morning Brewier and I stopped downtown at Izzy's so I could get coffee, and the weather was so beautifully autumn like, that we walked around enjoying the mostly empty streets. We sat down at Pritchard Park, to listen to an early morning drum circle, when stilt walkers showed up. The drummers joined them and all marched down the street; A parade. We went to the River Arts District, for an art walk, then to West Asheville, for a garden tour. A friend of ours had one of the featured gardens, and it was lovely. She is a weaver, and is experimenting with natural dyes. We went to the Biltmore, and took Oliver down town on a Saturday night, to walk around. We stopped in at the Champagne/Book store, a destination I plan to return to often. I love this town so much.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Tie Breaker.

Thursday morning, I face timed with a very pregnant, Jessica. I asked if she felt like she might be headed for labor, and she honestly replied, "No." Imagine my surprise when later that afternoon, she face timed me with a little baby girl in her arms. Being her fifth child, labor lasted a mere two hours; I'm very thankful that her midwife wasn't too far away. The still nameless girl, was 8 pounds and 10 ounces. A trip to Florida is in the works, as I'm anxious to meet this new granddaughter, (she is the tie breaker, since Jessica and Ray, already has two girls and two boys.)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

In Celebration of My Tumor Free Ankle...

New shoes.

I've never owned flats before, but walking Asheville in heels is really painful, so I can honestly say I purchased practical shoes.
I've started seeing a new G.P. Dr, who I'm really liking. I told him I was really concerned with the weight gain I've experienced, and he took one look at me and said I was most likely pre-diabetic, and today my blood work confirmed it, (I also have a few other really weird results, that he is working on,) so, massive changes in my eating are required; he called it, "Sensible Paleo." As someone who loves to bake, and whose life revolves around food, this is going to be tough.