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Thursday, December 08, 2016

It Has Begun.

Cookie baking, cold temperatures, wind blowing... Im so happy.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Birthday/Christmas List

Because my family asks me to post it.

My Amazon wish list is here.

Yep. Thats all I have today.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Things I Saw Today.

This license plate. Megan and I thought it was so cute as we viewed it from afar; it was framed in jingles bells...or so we thought. Upon closer inspection we saw that it was not festive jingle bells, but demonic skulls. Is there a message in this?

This morning the clouds outside my window looked like mountains.

Yesterday was my favorite kind of Sunday; cold rainy and grey. Im so thankful for the rain we've had, and that the fires are all now out.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

"Just a Glimpse."

From "The Family Man," one of my favorite Christmas movies.

I've been reading, "The Disaster Diaries," by Sam Sheridan; it's about surviving the apocalypse. This dude has been training his entire life, learning skills, to survive a major global disaster. He wakes up in the middle of the night, mind racing as he thinks about all the bad things that could happen, and in his book he shares how you too can survive the apocalypse. Crazy or decide. I shared with Megan, that if there was an apocalypse, I wouldn't want to survive. She made an excellent point by telling me that with my health challanges, I have nothing to worry about.

Winter is here...YAY...and I put cozy flannel sheets on my bed. I love them. Living in Florida most of my life, I had no need for cozy sheets; boy was I missing out. They make it extra hard to get out of bed though.

Remember the tv show LOST? There was a character whose entire life was about pushing a button every 108 minutes. That is my life now. We have a security system that goes through our wifi, and every time the wifi drops signal, (which is pretty often) the alarm goes off, and I have to go to the key pad and push the button. This happens all hours of the day and night. My life now has purpose.

Oliver can be a picky eater. Like me, he has many food allergies limiting what he can consume. He can get in a mood where nothing appeals to him, so I tell him Im going to serve him racoon tails, or frog legs. I was eating soup with dumplings and had an ah ha moment. Next time he gets picky, I'm making him this soup and am going to tell him its squirrel brains.

Yesterday Oliver and I decorated the Christmas tree, except for the star, which is always Brewiers job. Its great to have a five year old with a good design asthetic, I never have to redecorate or move ornaments around. I've been listening to the "Bing Crosby Christmas" station on Pandora; it s the music I listened to growing up, and that Jessica and Megan listened to when they were kids. Now its Oliver's turn to be indoctrinated, though his prefered music is electronica, especially Daft Punk.

We were in Target, and Megan called me over to look at this awesome sweater. I told her to pose sexy for the picture. She is definately her mothers daughter.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I 'm So Fancy!

I've started following a few fashion bloggers; ladies who are close in age to myself, hoping to pick up tips on styling my changing form. What I've learned is pretty much what I've always done...wear what you love. I just have to remember that I don't live in the 40's/50's, nor do I need formal wear. A couple of weeks ago one of the bloggers had a giveaway for a pair of beautiful italian leather gloves. I entered it and won! The gloves are from a new company, Beau Gant, and they are lovely. I took a measurement of my hand and emailed the company my size. A few days later, this delightful package arrived for me. The gloves are buttery soft and silk lined, Oliver likes them so much he asked if he could have a pair in a boys size. They would make a very nice Christmas gift, especially for that person who has everything. Included in my package was a lavender sachet, a handwritten note from the president of the company, and a dust bag for my gloves. Fancy!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I Have Not Been Fabulous.

I have been sick for two weeks...I think it was a combination of sitting in a doctors office for an hour, followed by shopping at multiple stores, (including Ulta, where I was inadvertently sprayed with perfume) combined with weeks of air quality levels in the dangerous zone. My left lung is making so much noise it wakes me up at night.

Despite laying on the sofa all day, I have not been lonely.

Addison made sure I was pampered.

Jessica and the kids left to go back to Florida this morning; they've been here the past 10 days. The highlight of the visit was watching the four part Gilmore Girls special together. We watched the show when Megan and Jessica were teenagers, so it was all very nostalgic.

I put false eyelashes on Addison. Oliver walked in and his jaw dropped. "Whoa! How did Addisons eyelashes get so big?"

Kate put makeup on Oliver and herself.

Jacksons impression of a bear.

The ten minutes I wasn't on the sofa, this happened. Actually, it happens often and is one of the reasons I will probably never get new furniture.

To quote Megan, "I was made for this day!" She made our Thanksgiving feast.

Kates contribution was rice crispy treat drum sticks.

This little girl has my heart.

Lots of funny things happened and were said by the kids, and I want to blog them so I can remember and laugh at them...I just don't have the energy right now.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Sometimes I forget about all the stuff you can learn by watching youtube videos. Earlier this year as I watched in horror as the full effects of menopause took place on my face, (drooping eyelids, sagging jowls, weird skin texture with bumps) and my normal makeup application was not working, I turned to the plethora of beauty bloggers on Youtube. Unfortunatly most of those bloogers are under 35. The few I found in my age range were okay, but much of their beauty routine consisted of botox, fillers, really expensive skin care, and I didn't click with them. Then I found this fabulous lady. Her skin care was relevent. She used products I could afford, like ELF, and she is really funny and down to earth. I was hooked, and watched all of her videos. I told Brewier and Megan about her. Their response,"Oh.' Did they not understand how excited I was?
Sunday during brunch, Jason was talking about who he has cast in his upcoming movie, and told Brewier, "Monique is going to be playing your wife." I said, "I know most of those people, but who is Monique?" He replied, "Monique Parent." I geeked out. "I LOVE HER! I WATCH ALL OF HER VIDEOS!" So, yeah. My favorite beauty blogger is going to be Brewiers wife.

I'm still geeking out.

Monday, November 14, 2016

And Just Like That...

I realized I have friends here in Asheville...and not just friends, but really kind, thoughtful friends. I've had this expectation of finding a woman my age, with my intrests, who would be fragrance free, that would come over and hang out, or meet for coffee. Guess what? I have all of's just that it is not one person. Yesterday we had a few friends over for brunch. They all came fragrance free. Nancy brought cookies, and made two different kinds, without nuts, JUST FOR ME. We sat around and played Apples to Apples, and talked about books we were reading. It was a marvulous afternoon; Brewier said the only disappointing thing about the day was that everyone had to go home.

Thats not a glare on the glass, that is smoke. I haven't been outside since Saturday morning.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Right Response

She was devestated about the outcome of the election, she cried real tears. Then she picked her children up from school and took them to the grocery store, telling them to fill the cart with non-perishables to take and donate to the local homeless shelter. What an incredible lesson she is teaching to her young sons. What will change this country isn't the person holding office. It's the everyday choice to not focus on your wants, but to look and see who you can help. I have so much respect for Rachel, aka Mrs Mouthy.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Is It Over Yet?

I've been on the computer less than normal, trying to avoid the disgrace that is our election. Can we go back to being ruled by Great Britain? Please?

I changed out my silver hoop, for a rhinestone stud. It felt weird. The stud part is corkscrew shaped, and screws into your nose to hold it in place. The whole time I wore it I was afraid the rhinestone was going to slip through my piercing, into my nostril, and I would either inhale it, or it would get stuck and I'd end up in the ER like a two year old with a lego up their nose. Neither of these happened, (Thank you laws of gravity) but I continued to freak out the entire day. Megan told me it looked as if I was constantly picking my nose, as I checked to make sure the stud was still in place.

My friend Milissa needed an outfit for an interview, and allowed me to help her shop. Not having shopped since 1986, we not only purchased and interview outfit, but a bra, shoes, handbag, skin care and makeup. I haven't had so much fun in...well, probably years. I've been working on putting together a capsule wardrobe for her, and it's been so exciting and energizing. I really would love being a stylist.

Her interview outfit:

She bought a second topper that works with the outfit. This is her Vogue model expression.

Brewier and I went to the Biltmore while the staff was preparing the house for Christmas. I'm so happy that photography in now allowed. Here is a sneak peek at a tree decorated with...RHINESTONES!

Oliver and I carved a pumpkin for Halloween. Mostly, I carved and cleaned out the pumpkin, because he wasn't about to put his hand into a gooey sticky mess. He hates being sticky, but I told him he had to. He did, proudly pulling out three measly seeds. It's a start.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Corners of My Home.

Remember when bloggers wrote for enjoyment and would post nonprofessional photos of their homes? I always enjoyed that; I love seeing how people live and decorate. I also enjoy looking back at my own blog and seeing how the five different homes I've lived in these past 14 years, were decorated. One day if I'm feeling really brave...and this day may never come...I will do a video tour of our house, though the thought of talking makes me tense. When I realized it was already November, and I hadn't posted any photos of my fall decor, (which is minimal since I have huge windows and the most beautiful autmn views from them,) I snapped a few photos, horrible bright light and all. As I look at the pictures, there are some things I'd really like to change about the house, like the fireplace surround, and the wall color, but being a's not mine to change. The light fixture is ours, and replaces a plastic faux stained glass fixture.

Here is our entrance; I really like a dedicated entry hall. Because the coat hooks are too high for Oliver, I bought this bear hook, which was originally apple green, for his jacket.

Our living and dining area.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Yes I Did.

Going on Dominics' observation of my resemblance to Delores Umbridge, I went to Goodwill, and found the appropriate attire. If I had been able to score a wig, the transformation would have been complete. Did I leave the house looking like this? Good Lord no, it was 80 degrees yesterday! The weather this autumn has felt more like Florida, and when I check my weather app, the temeratures between here and there are too close for my likeing. Instead of swealtering in pink, I went with Megan and Oliver to Walmart...I know! I can't believe I went there either! Oliver, from the ladies pajama section, picked out a Dory onesy for me, and a shark onsie for Brewier. Yes, we wore these out in public to the Biltmore Churches' Haloween night festival. If Oliver ever questions our love of him, I have this photo. (Can I tell you how comfy these pj's are? Brewier and I have made a pact to where them when,(if it ever) it gets cold.) I was very popular with the three and under crowd, and learned that little kids don't see a pesron in a costume, they really thought I was Dory, and were in awe when I would kneel down and talk to them.

Unrelated to any of this, It's my blog birthday today. Fourteen years. Wow.

How could I not post this?

Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Visit From the Herbs.

Last weekend Ray, Jessica and the kids were here as part of their fall getaway; it was an action packed three day visit. We hiked Craggy Gardens, went to the Hickory Nut Gap Farm where we wandered in a corn maze, slid REALLY fast down a culvert slide, rode big tricycles, and generaly had a good tine. Jessica and I went downtown alone, and I posted a pic to FB trying to trick Ray into believing she had her septum pierced, but he didn't fall for it. Addison ended up wearing the faux piercing her entire visit... the kids got into makeup and all pretty much looked like this.

The two youngest, sitting in a suitcase admiring the view.