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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Think I've Figured it Out.

Lorelai GIlmore, Monica Geller, and the Princess and the Pea.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Help! I'm Having an Identity Crisis!

Have you seen the meme where you put pics of the three fictional characters that sum up who you are? I haven't a clue who I am. I would appreciate any input, I can't afford a therapist.

I used to have people tell me I reminded them of Lorelai Gilmore.

But do I still, or am I one of the Golden Girls?

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Weekend of Beer.

While today was spent cleaning, doing laundry, and chopping lots of vegetables and cooking for the Whole 30, (which I did start today), the weekend was spent having fun. Brewier and Megan both took off work Friday, and we drove and hour and a half, to Franklin NC. We used to visit this town when Megan and Jessica were little, and have fond memorries of gem mining out in some guys field. I've been wanting to take Oliver mining since we moved here, and now at five years old, he's the perfect age. Things have gotten fancied up in the past 25 years, with a shaded sluice box, and zip lock bags for your found treasures. I found mostly small garnets, Brewier found a couple of rubies, Oliver found lots of big quartz pieces.
After a hot morning of mining, we visited a new brewery in Franklin, Lazy Hiker. I'm slowly working my way through the regional breweries. Saturday was the Brewgrass Festival, and we had a great time. Lots of good music, with the highlight for me being the bluegrass rendition of, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" along with 60 breweries for your tasting pleasure. We didn't even make it halfway through, before deciding it was a good time to stop sampling. Yesterday, we took it easy, recovering from all of the festivities. Thursday was the real highlight of the week. Friends messaged us to see if we wanted to join them at our local brew and view, to watch the cult classic, Hot Fuzz. I haven't been in a movie theater for 14 years, but Megan told me it was all hard surface, (no febreeze-ing) and had good air circulation, so I gave it a try. I'm am still giddy about the fact I stayed for the whole movie, and got to spend the evening with friends...and becasue it's a brewery, Asheville Brewing, I got to check another beer joint off my list.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I've been antsy and unsettled this week. I miss people and working on projects. Nothing new, just my same old whine. I'm still waiting for the Lord to send a friend my way, so until then I'm finding projects to do. (PS Lord, a friend who would like help with projects or fashion would be great!) I've had this stool since I got married. It belonged to my mom and dad, and went with their 3rd hand bedroom set. I had it painted grey three years ago, and it has sat in my basement. Yesterday I pulled out some supplies I had laying around, batting, nailhead trim and a leather don't have cowhides stashed at your house? Finally, after 35 years, I made a seat for this bench. Procrastinate much?

I'm also painting over my happy floral globe. It has mocked me with it's cheeriness all summer. I'm painting it a moody grey. What can I say? I've always like mucky, moody colors. Once it's painted I'm not sure what I'm going to do to it. My bottle drying rack is coming in handy for holding the globe, but this is the racks last hurah, as I've listed it on Craigslist. Our new, smaller home has no place for it. Intrested? The listing is HERE. I'll make you a deal!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Take a Hike.

It is my belief that when you are feeling down, or are in a funk, taking a hike always helps. Today I recruited Oliver to be my walking buddy. We are less than 20 miles from Craggy Gardens, (elevation 6079 feet) and it's a nice, not too strenuous hike. Oliver who was hesitant to leave Megan at home, enjoyed himself so much, that he suggested we hike again tomorrow.He enjoyed climbing the trees, and when I complemented him on his skill, he said, "Well, I have lots of experience."

Monday, September 12, 2016

Pumpkin Spice Everything.

This pumpkin spice thing has gotten a little out of hand. Potato chips, kale chips, cereal, muffins, yogurt, ice cream, tea, coffee, vodka, beer, candles, you name, we Americans have it in pumpkin spice. Gross. Don't get me wrong, I love pumpkin pie, and make a mean pumkin bread, but thats about it. I posted on FB, that I've never had a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and my Australian friends commented on how pumpkin is only used in savory dishes on their side of the world, and cumin is the spice used in cooking it. I have half a can of pumpkin in my refrigerater right now and think I will make pumpkin scones with it. Autumn may not arrive for another ten days, but here on the mountain, our mornings are cool, and the leaves are changing color, plus I'm starting the whole 30 next week and am trying to squeeze in all of my favorite foods before I start. I found THIS recipe, and will use it, leaving out the nutmeg, because HELLO, nutmeg is a nut. I was perplexed on why I got sick everytime I consumed something with nutmeg in it, until that realizaton hit me. Same thing with shea butter. I'd use it and my skin would get dry and red, then it hit me, it's shea NUT butter. Duh.
Yesterday morning Brewier and I went to Barnes and Noble, so I could look at fall magazines and get my cinnamon scone fix. Mmmm. So good.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

I Made a Homeschool Dress.

Perhaps If I had used a chunkier sweater in a lighter color...but I was trying to be thrifty, using what I had on hand. After two hours of sewing and re-sewing, and putting in french seams, I ended up with a 1990's homeschool frock. I know thats what it is becasue I used to wear them in my attempt to fit in with other homeschool moms. lets face it, I've never fit in.

Thank you Oliver for your fabulous photography skills.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Life Observations.

As you can see from my previous post, with the photo of my closet, I don't own many clothes, and what I do have are mostly grey, with some black and white thrown in. I thought about trying to add another color to my palette, and without realizing it, I had already started.

Remember that magic makeup removing cloth I bought? I was putting an extra blanket on my bed the other night and realized it is made of the exact fabric, as the makeup cloth. Exact! I bought this king size blanket at Costco for less than $30, and could easliy make 300+ washcloths from it! Tonight I may use a corner of the blanket to test how well it removes my makeup.

I was at Barnes and Noble looking through magazines, and saw this:

As soon as I got home, I pulled these out of my, "donate" bag. I plan to hack them. Whether or not I wear the garment is still questionable.

Monday, September 05, 2016

It's Coming!

I took this picture while on a walk yesterday. Looking out my back windows, I can see the edges of the leaves turning yellow; flowers are drying up, and autumn is on it's way. Another indicator of autumn, is the fall festivals happening all around us. This past weekend was the North Carolina Apple Festival, in Hendersonville. I always look forward to it, because I know I will get to see Renee and David. They grew up in Hendersonville, and seem to know everyone. I like sitting and watching the locals greet and hug one another; lifetime friends. Because I moved every couple of years when growing up, I don't have that, not even with relatives, who are all mostly strangers. Renee has highschool firends who come to the festival and they graciously welcomed me into their group; such lovely ladies. This year we went on Friday, opening day, and my prefered day, becasue the crowd is much smaller, and mostly local. Normally it is beastly hot and sunny, but this year due to the tropical storm in Florida, it was very overcast, windy and cold. Megan had to go purchase sweaters for her and Oliver to wear. We were having such a great time, we didn't leave until 6pm.
Saturday we went back to the festival but only styed 30 minutes. It was so crowded that bodies were pushed together trying to walk through the event...and the fragrance was overwhelming. Had I needed my very expensive Epipen, I wouldn't have had the room to use it. Saturday evening Megan, Oliver and I went downtown for the last Shindig on the Green, of the year. Bluegrass music, square dancing and cloggers, and Okie Dokies BBQ; the heritage of where I live.
Brewier has been in KY for the past three days, so it doesnt really feel like a holiday weekend. We've spent today at the house, Megan working and me meal planning for the whole 30. I plan on starting Sept. 20, and Renee said she would join me. Why wait until then you ask? Brewier and I have tickets to the Brewgrass Festival on the 17th. Beer and BBQ will be connsumed amid throngs of people, and Bluegrass music.

My friend Roonie. We met becasue her mothier-in-law worked for Brewier back in the '90's, in FL, and Roonie homeschooled. She's from Hendersonville too :) I get along well with Hendersonville ladies.