Thursday, September 18, 2014

What's Wrong With My Brain?

I could have titled this, "More Randomness," because thats all I seem capable of right now. Is it menopause? Stress? I don't know, but I seem to bounce from one thing to another, never completing anything. I started taking photos of my vintage clothing for Etsy, and some how ended up going through a pile of vintage maps that ended up all over the floor. See that giant bolt of fabric next to the maps? It's thirty yards of white duck that I purchased over a year ago to make a slip cover for my sofa, only I don't have an uninterrupted block of time, or the space to work on a slip cover. My art journal has gone untouched for a year and a half, my cooking has been horrible, (though my baking skills are still pretty awesome,) and I have no idea what I'm doing with my days. Whew.

I made this recipe for scones yesterday - amazing! Buttermilk is magical. I ate two of them along with 3 buttermilk biscuits, straight out of the oven. Burp.

I have found the perfect skirt. It fits even when I aggravate my food allergies with gluten. I can go from looking 0-7 months pregnant in a matter of minutes, and skirt stretches with me. Time for more scones!

I love these two guys. Oliver is holding hands with his buddy Alex, who spends a few nights a week with us.

I find this magazine deeply disturbing. A high fashion magazine geared for women with kids. I say woman, because I don't think any real mother would buy this...just the Nanny Diaries, kind, which makes me wonder why it's in a Target in Asheville.

I made this for dinner, only mine looked nothing like this. Giada, you done me wrong. It was edible, but kind of weird. My loyalty still lies with Ina.

Anyone know what kind of tree this is? I've never seen anything like it before!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Too Much!

Whenever I have a busy day/days, I find it hard to blog, because there is just so much! So here is Saturday, list style.
UNCA Tailgate Market.
Walked around campus to an Autism Awareness event.
Drove downtown to an African/Caribbean festival.
Walked around downtown listening to the buskers and stumbled across an Investigate Lifestyles event, with some great music.
Had lunch at Green Sage, then went sunglass shopping.
Went to the Biltmore for a wine tasting event, then came home and had wine and cheese on the deck.
Megan joined us and said she wished she had gone to the wine tasting, so we all got into the car to visit the Biltmore for a second round of wine tasting.
Biltmore has live music Friday and Saturday nights, so we stayed for that.Oliver had a great time running around to the music, trying to escape the attention of two young girls. He finally gave up and gave them hugs.
As we were driving through downtown on the way home, we passed by some excellent musicians, so we parked the car, and walked around for an hour or so.
Once home, we all crashed. It was a most excellent day.

Yoga in the park. There was also a yoga class at Wicked Weed Brewery, followed by a beer tasting. I told Brewier we should really do that sometime.

The, "Before I Die," wall, downtown.

Wine tasting at the BIltmore.

These three women bring scarves to share and dance with.

Olivers admirers.

Megan found this pillow in a Biltmore shop. I think I need it.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Fair

We attempted to go to the fair Thursday morning, but found the gates locked, and the hours posted saying that the fair didn't open until 3pm. Opps. Friday morning we once again headed to the fair, this time knowing it would be open. Oliver has been begging to ride the ferris wheel. Last year when we went, he was still pretty little for rides, and we had to cajole him, with only limited success, to try them out. This year things were a bit different. We bypassed all other fair activities and headed straight for the amusement section. After shelling out 50 bucks for tickets, (yikes,) we took him to the kiddie section, where the rides are geared to his size. While he enjoyed these rides, the entire time he was on them he kept pointing to the next thing he wanted to do, which was usually some kind of big, swing you around, and upside down, adult ride. He reminds me so much of Megan at that age. We took her and Jessica to Busch Gardens, and the bigger and scarier the ride was, the more Megan wanted to go on it. Riding restrictions were a bit lax back then, and she went on several rides she was much too small for; I was certain she was going to slide out of one of the roller coasters that had her going upside down...of course, she loved it.

Yep, thats Megan.

This is last years post on the fair; Oliver has grown so much!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Want To, But.....

Anxiously I await the changing light, cooler nights, and the falling leaves, that signal me to start transitioning my house to autumn. This year I find myself having trouble bringing out my fall decor, and today I realized why; I live with yellow and deep gold walls. Bleh. If this were my permanent home, I'd have had these walls painted in my favorite mucky grey colors, ages ago. (I know, the Nester would say just paint, but it would take big bucks to cover these 20 foot high walls, with multiple coats of Mythic paint.)
Notice how each wall is a different color, ranging from butter yellow, to baby poop.

So far, this is all the autumn decor I've put out.

I took a quick picture of this months, "Real Simple,"magazine, because how fabulous is that handbag?

And for bit of randomness; this is what happens when you ignore your kombucha for a month. Look at that mother! It was too big to get out whole, so Kelly hacked it to bits for me; no easy feat, as it was as tough as a tendon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Coffee Science

Kelly, Our friend, and favorite barista at Mountain Mojo came over yesterday and gave me a lesson in making coffee with my Chemex. It involves carefully weighing your coffee and water, and pouring it correctly to achieve coffee perfection. While I may use my Chemex in the afternoon, I'm still in the market for an easy drip coffee maker, and of course, an espresso machine. While researching chemical free coffee makers on Amazon, I'd seen a very sciencey maker, called a siphon; Kelly just happens to own one, and brought it along to play with.It was really interesting to taste how different the same coffee can taste, just by how you make it.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Kentucky State BBQ Festival

Itching for a quick road trip, we left Asheville at 5m Saturday morning; destination, Danville, Ky, for the state BBQ festival. I love barbeque. Because my brother is the fire marshall, the vendors knew him by name, and I got to meet them all. Apparently there were some pretty big names at the event, but because I don't have tv, I hadn't heard of any of them, (hanging my head in shame.)

This friendly pit master is Moe Cason.

Gavin and Oliver.

My brother Ken, and his beautiful daughter, Patricia.

Great food, good beer, lots of fun.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Take Me To the River, and Random Facts.

Tuesday we went to Davidson River to celebrate Olivers' friend, Alex, birthday. I've been missing the beach, and this was the perfect cure.

We also made a quick stop by Looking Glass Falls, but didn't stay long, or get many photos, due to a couple insistent on making out right in front of the falls, preventing all the people there from taking photos. (you can see them in the bottom corner of my photo.)

Random facts,because it is Wednesday...wait, I just checked with Brewier, to make sure its Wednesday,and it's Thursday! Those long weekends always throw me off.

1. My new favorite movie is, "About Time." Love. It. I ask everyone who visits me if they want to watch it. I hand them a tissue when they say yes.

2. The Asheville paper did a piece on homelessness, and how it can happen to everyone. As my close friends know, that is one of my biggest concerns for myself. I even scope out places in the woods, and along the roads, where I could, "live," if it ever happens.

3. I finally get to meet Jane! Have you been following, Right Coast, Left Coast? My photo today is called, Ode to Wes Anderson.

4. This past week, three different people have told me how good looking my husband is. I agree.

Monday, September 01, 2014

A Big Announcement. And Cash, the Hipster Squid.

In anticipation, and celebration, of Jane and I finally meeting at the end of the month, after seven years...or is it 8... of online friendship, we have resurrected our photo blog, Right Coast, Left Coast.
Go check it out!

Yesterday was Jenny last day here in Asheville :( Before catching her flight, we were able to stop downtown at LAAFF, (Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival.) There were numerous artists, and this has been my favorite festival yet. Megan had a poem written about her and Oliver going to the moon, and Jenny had one written about her travels. ($10, a pop, typed on ribbon. Very cool.)

This lovely lady makes monsters for a living. Oliver was enamored with several creatures, but ended up bringing, "Shiver Me Tentacles," home with us. We have since named him, Sid the Squid.

Sid is tied backpack style around Oliver. Oliver is tied backpack style around Megan.

Olivers friend Alex, was visiting today, and there was quite the battle over Sid, and who would get to hug him and for how long. Tomorrow is Alex's birthday, so I whipped up a monster for him this afternoon.

Oliver hijacked the monster, mid project. He was trying to blindly walk around the house, but I made him sit for the picture.

Here is the finished monster, "Cash," so named because he's made from cashmere sweaters. I wrote a bio for him. Cash, the hipster squid, is often seen singing outside of Asheville coffee houses. He likes single origin, dark roast coffee, locally roasted, of course.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jenny, and the Apple Festival

Rain woke me up at 5am this morning, and sent me running for the front door, remembering that I had left the car windows down. When I sat in the drivers seat to put the windows up, it was very apparent that it had been raining for a while. There was no going back to sleep after that, so why not catch up on my blog. I've been in a funk lately. I'm ready for summer to come to an end, for Brewier to find a job, and to regain some control over the horrible food choices, ( who am I kidding, there is no choice..I just eat everything in sight,) I need some order back in my life.
This weekend was the North Carolina Apple Festival, held in Hendersonville, just south of Asheville. Because Renee and DAvid are from Hendersonville, they come back every year for the festival and to visit friends and family. Friday, we sat with them for 4 hours, next to the fried apple pie stand, where Eva, (in the yellow shirt,) was working. Oliver had a blast, playing with David, and walking around the festival, checking out the booths. He got a plastic firemans hat at one booth, that has not left his person; he's even sleeping with it. I'm not sure how much longer it will last; I've already had to tape it back together 3 times.

My favorite booth belonged to a woman from Daytona Beach, who made necklaces out of china, and old silverware.

This one reminded me so much of Megan. There were a few necklaces made from china patterns that I own, including a necklace with Peter Rabbit on it! Sadly I didn't get a photo of it because I was trying to corral Oliver. Fine china and small boys are a dangerous combination.

I love the silver hearts she made!

This cute girl next to Megan? This is Jenny. She and Megan shared a hostel room in D.C., back in the spring. Jenny had just finished college in Toronto, and was visiting different cities in the U.S. before returning home to China. She and Megan hit it off, and she asked if she could come visit us before leaving the states.

Last night she cooked for us. Yum!

This afternoon she flies back to Canada, and in two weeks she returns home.