Thursday, July 17, 2014

What I Wear - Wardrobe Edit

I'm still working at editing my wardrobe; it's relaxing and something I really enjoy doing. While my wardrobe is quite small, I wear very few of the items I own. This is my entire, four season wardrobe, (I do have two winter knit dresses in a drawer.)

These are the pieces I actually wear, and it makes me happy seeing so few things. While I love neutrals, this is pretty colorless, except for my new, coral, linen cardigan. It looks great over all my grey things. See all those stripes? I'm vowing not to buy ay more striped items, this after I bought yet another striped shirt at JCrew last week.

After two winters of staying warm by layering my Florida clothes, I need to purchase some actual winter clothing. I just want to be very selective on what I add to my closet. I got a great pair of Sam Edleman boots from Amazon last week, on clearance for $67! (Normally $200.) Not only do they look great, they fit my fussy feet and bird legs.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You've heard of Wordless Wednesday?

Well, this is, Too Tired Tuesday. This cool cat keeps me busy. Honestly, we don't tell him how to dress...or pose. This is all Oliver.

I did two rounds of blackberry picking today. There are bushes growing wild all along the roads here, and nobody picks them. Brewier and I are in foragers heaven. Megan has already made two cobblers, and I have 2 pints of berries in the freezer.

Are these raspberries? We have several of these bushes in our backyard, and I'm hoping they're edible, but I'm not eating them until I know what they are. I saw the movie Blue Lagoon. You don't eat the red berries.

Oliver and I painted bird houses, went to the park and the library; did two trips to UPS, and two trips to the grocery store.

I did a little hand sewing, (I love hand sewing and mending, I find it soothing,) and replaced boring buttons with sparkly ones. Or as Oliver says, "Farkly." He also says,"Fritzer," instead of spritzer. Cracks me up every time.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Before Sarah.

July fourth weekend, Ray, Jessica and the kids drove up to see us. It's always a bit of a whirlwind when the kids are together, so I wasn't able to get many photos. While they were visiting, we went to the Biltmore, played in a stream, went to Mountain Mojo and on their last full day here, Ray took Addison, Kate and Clay hiking and camping, giving Jessica and I some time to shop and have coffee. Sunday we went to a picnic at The Rock, where Megan and Oliver attend church, where Brewier met his patriotic counterpart.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

And Now She's Gone.

I dropped Sarah off at the airport yesterday around lunch time, and cried for a good five minutes while driving home. Despite me having a cold while she was here, we did manage to do a few things. Going through my photos for this post I now realize we didn't take any photos of us together. Nor did we get around to doing our freaky friday clothing post. Despite having totally different figures, (our measurements are the reverse of each other's, her hips=my bust,) we can share all of our clothes; even jeans. It's weird and unexplainable. We did hit a great sale at JCrew, I bought $130 pants for $20, found some deals at a consignment shop, walked around downtown, and visited a couple of iconic Asheville sights.

Breakfast on the Terrace of the Grove Park Inn.

Happy feet...though I'm so close to risking anaphylaxis and painting my nails red.

The stables at the Biltmore. (Doesn't Sarah make a great model?)

Walking around downtown.

And no visit is complete without eating at 12 Bones Smokehouse.

Thankfully I'm not without company long, as Darlene and Keith will be here next weekend!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The First Two Days.

Sarah arrived early yesterday morning and from the airport we headed straight to Mountain Mojo. After a leisurely cup of coffee and much fashion talk, we stopped at a couple of stores for snacks before going home. Once home, we tucked ourselves away in my room, where I proceeded to try on every item of clothing I own, purging the less than flattering things and creating new outfits with the items I kept. Yes, we consider this great fun. Sarah went through my cast offs and was able to find a couple of things that would work into her wardrobe, and she brought me some of her cast offs that work great for me. Now, the really odd thing about that is, we are built completely different...yet I can wear her jeans...she can wear my tops. It's really quite strange and later in the week I will post pictures of us wearing the same articles of clothing.
Here is Sarah in my long brunette wig, that has never seen the light of day. Doesn't she look like a twenty-something movie star?

In the midst of closet chaos. All those shoes lying around the room? The work of Oliver; a high heel obsessed boy. He had to try on every pair.

Sarah couldn't decide which on of my new shoes to try on first, so why not one of each.

Refreshments on the deck. Megan is doing all the cooking for us. Yes, I'm quite spoiled and blessed.

Today I woke up feeling the beginnings of a cold, so we made it a pajama day. We sat side by side ont the sofa, talking fashion and playing dice on our ipads. Hours of dice.

I'm praying that I feel better tomorrow so we can go out shopping.
And as much as it drives the ocd side of me crazy, I'm going to post about Jessica's visit last week, later in this week.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

And We Have a Guest Room!

July is jam packed with visitors, so I finally got myself motivated to clean up the junk craft room. It had been more of a storage room with boxes and odd pieces of furniture filling up most of the space. I cleared out the room, and on a $50 budget, did this:

I still have more to do, but I'm quite pleased with it so far. The curtains are new, as are the orange pillows, everything else was scavenged from around the house. Orange isn't usually a color I use, but its the color that stood out the most in the painting, and Im really liking it. I needed a third pop of orange and found this old picture frame and mounted two sheets of joss paper, (that I bought 15 years ago!) in it. The bedside table is made from a vintage luggage rack and a thrifted silver tray.

I've also been decorating a bit for Independence day. Jessica, Ray and the kids arrive tomorrow morning to celebrate the holiday with us!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Could He BE Any Cuter?

Okay, maybe, just maybe, I'm a bit biased, but everywhere we go people comment on what a charmer he is. We visited a new cafe today, and of course he flirted and made friends with the barista, who I know I've met somewhere before. I spent the whole time there trying to figure out where I'd met her, she said I looked familiar to her too.

Oliver and a blue tailed skink, that his momma caught.

Brewier finished the koi pond. He ended up rebuilding the entire thing including the waterfall, and buying a new pump. Yesterday he put eight fish into it, but by this morning they were gone; some creatures tasty dinner.

My new know, for all the parties and fancy events I go to. Or, I could just where them to the coffee shop. I LOVE them.

Getting ready to celebrate Independence Day.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hell Must Have Frozen Over.

Because I went to a party last night.
Kelly's birthday is this Saturday, and she had a low country boil last night to celebrate. So. Good. Of course Oliver was elated to be there and kept saying, "This is so special!" I had a great time, though I'm sure to any onlooker it appeared otherwise. I sat in the shade away from most everyone else, observing and listening. It's what I do.

The lovely birthday girl, and a most unflattering picture of me. Or maybe it really is what I look like. The past couple of days my hair has not been working for me and twice while out shopping, I was asked if I got the senior citizen discount. Oh my pride....I was still being carded when I bought wine just 3 short years ago.
But as I was saying, the party was laid back, fragrance free, with great music, and we were happy to be included in the festivities.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Random Fact Wednesday.

If you leave me in charge of your kids, I will let them do things like this.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Maybe I Have Wine More Often Than I Realize.

I was in the toy section of Barnes and Noble with Oliver, and he ran up to this display and shouted, "Look Mae Mae, a wine bottle!" I explained to him that while it was similar in shape, it wasn't a wine bottle, but a bat.

He than pointed to the toy below it and stated, "THOSE are wine bottles."

Monday, June 23, 2014

This is What I've Been Up To.

Mountain Mojo.

He thought he was so cool sitting in the high chair. He'd never been in one before and I didn't have the heart to tell him it was for babies.

We went adventuring and rock climbing.

No, he didn't climb this one, but he wanted to.

Luella's BBQ, and a flight.

Greg stopped by early Sunday morning to pick up his boats.

I've also been obsessing over my wardrobe. I have no winter clothes. None. For two winters now I've just layered my Florida clothes, and they are pretty much worn out. I've been spending a lot of time on a fashion website trying to figure out what my stye is and what brands I should look at. Sarah my partner in fashion has been a great sport, as I inundate her with my wardrobe epiphanies. In just a couple of weeks we get to play dress up together IRL!