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Friday, October 21, 2016

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Actually, I spied it with my 12x magnifying mirror. I had just rolled out of bed when Jessica phoned, and I walked over to my mirror to see if my eyebrows needed attention; I'm all about multitasking. We were in the middle of a conversation when I exclaimed, "I have a long black hair growing on my face!" I immediatly took a picture so Jessica could see it for herself, and now I'm sharing the horror with you.

Can you see it?

It's right here. Yikes! Look how squishy my jawline is!

How did I only just now spot this?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

So Much For "Real" Blogging.

I woke up with a sore throat today, feeling really tired, so here is the highlight real from the past week.

Monica, Ken and their three kiddos came to visit, wahoo! They are so much fun to have around. Ken and Monica brought their ukulele's, and by the week's end I had purchased one for myself. If you follow me on Pinterest you probably already figured that out.

Oliver plays soccer every Saturday, so that's where we are in the morning. He always wears a hat, making him easy to spot.

The family went hiking at Craggy Gardens. Unlike the breath taking views we had last month, the mountain was blanketed in fog, making it feel very surreal. As we hiked we encountered a pink haired ballerina, dancing along the path, because, you know, this is Asheville.

The view from last month.

The same view on Saturday.

(Monica cut my hair while she was here...I love it!)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bullet Points.

Yikes! Its been over a week since I've blogged! We have house guests right now, so here are the highlights of last week.

I taught Oliver a few kitchen skills. He begs me to let him peel potatos and apples...who am I to deny the boy that pleasure? He also asked if he could clean the top of the dusty refrigerator; he loves to clean. LAtely he hasn't wanted to go to bed in the evening, so Megan told him he could stay up, but only if he cleaned the bathroom, thinking this would send him running to bed. The plan backfired, when after spending twenty minutes scrubbing the tub, then dusting everything in the family room, Megan ran out of things for him to clean, and he got really upset, because he wanted to do more. Im afraid he has inherited my love of cleaning gene.

I still have my dream of getting a van/travel trailer, and follow a group called Van Life Diaries, on Instagram. Last week the group had a meet up here in Asheville, so Brewier and I went to check it out.

This is what I'm leaning towards.

Brewiers work place had a fall festival; Oliver had a great time. Brewier was once again in the dunking booth, but I didn't get any pics of him, I think because I was to worried about him sitting in the shade, soaking wet, with a cool breeze blowing.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Welcome to Asheville.

I just got back from a trip to the chiropractor, (my back is all twisty) and Marshalls. The parking lot was full and the store packed with very Florida looking and acting, (never make eye contact, never acknowledge people) women and their school aged kids. Their topic of conversation, how bad I95 and I4 are, with everyone evacuating FL. I tried going to the library, and once again encountered a full parking garage. I'm happy we have tourists here, most of them are really nice, and it keeps things interesting. Last night Brewier and I went walking downtown and stopped in Catawba. Brewier had beer, and much to the surprise of the beer backs, I had water. Visiting breweries and going to beer festivals put 15 pounds on me this summer, so no more alcohol until that weight comes off. I was actually quite content with my water since my main reason for going to Catawba is to socialize. Last night we were sitting across from a young couple who just got married. We started talking and found out they were from KY. We talked a little more and discovered the woman, Christy, and I graduated from the same small high school...just 19 years apart.

This morning Megan and I went to Double D's Coffee, for a "Lukes Diner" experience, and free coffee. Did you ever watch Gilmore Girls? Jessica, Megan and I were loyal fans, and today is the shows 16th birthday. The line wasn't as long as I was
afraid it would be, and it was fun standing among other fans, one of who played the Gilmore Girl soundtrack for everyone on her phone.

Yesterday we went apple picking in Hendersonville, with Rachel and Sophie. Oliver and Sophie always walk holding hands; it's like they are staring in their own personal rom-com. Nobody ever prompted them to do this, and it's not something encouraged...they just love each other.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Ahhh Autumn

Cooler weather is here...wahoo! This morning it was 45, warming up to a lovely 70 degrees this afternoon. I have to fight the thought that I should be out somewhere doing something. I sat on our deck this afternoon, enjoying our incredible view, when I heard what I thought were dogs walking through the yard, but when I looked out it was three bobcats, playing. I didn't get any pics because I was afraid if I moved it would frighten them away. They were beautiful, and much bigger than I imagined.
Friday Megan took the day off and we went to the Biltmore.The gardens are green with freshly planted mums, which should be in full bloom by the middle of the month. We hadn't been to the Biltmore winery since last fall, and the space has been remodeled; its beautiufl! After the Biltmore we walked around downtown, stopped by the drum circle, which was packed, and ate TexMex at Mamacittas. Brewier is NYC for a board meeting...American Airlines lost his luggage, so he is not a happy camper. You know all that info you put on your luggage ticket? The airlines don't look at it. They go by the bar code that is stuck on your suitcase, and Brewier is pretty sure they a different guys barcode, (who was going to Denver) on his luggage, so we won't ever see his belongings again.
My brother Ken got married this weekend, and my mom and Dick stopped by our house for a couple of hours on their way to the event. as I've said before, I miss drop by visits, so this was just what I needed.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Think I've Figured it Out.

Lorelai GIlmore, Monica Geller, and the Princess and the Pea.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Help! I'm Having an Identity Crisis!

Have you seen the meme where you put pics of the three fictional characters that sum up who you are? I haven't a clue who I am. I would appreciate any input, I can't afford a therapist.

I used to have people tell me I reminded them of Lorelai Gilmore.

But do I still, or am I one of the Golden Girls?

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Weekend of Beer.

While today was spent cleaning, doing laundry, and chopping lots of vegetables and cooking for the Whole 30, (which I did start today), the weekend was spent having fun. Brewier and Megan both took off work Friday, and we drove and hour and a half, to Franklin NC. We used to visit this town when Megan and Jessica were little, and have fond memorries of gem mining out in some guys field. I've been wanting to take Oliver mining since we moved here, and now at five years old, he's the perfect age. Things have gotten fancied up in the past 25 years, with a shaded sluice box, and zip lock bags for your found treasures. I found mostly small garnets, Brewier found a couple of rubies, Oliver found lots of big quartz pieces.
After a hot morning of mining, we visited a new brewery in Franklin, Lazy Hiker. I'm slowly working my way through the regional breweries. Saturday was the Brewgrass Festival, and we had a great time. Lots of good music, with the highlight for me being the bluegrass rendition of, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" along with 60 breweries for your tasting pleasure. We didn't even make it halfway through, before deciding it was a good time to stop sampling. Yesterday, we took it easy, recovering from all of the festivities. Thursday was the real highlight of the week. Friends messaged us to see if we wanted to join them at our local brew and view, to watch the cult classic, Hot Fuzz. I haven't been in a movie theater for 14 years, but Megan told me it was all hard surface, (no febreeze-ing) and had good air circulation, so I gave it a try. I'm am still giddy about the fact I stayed for the whole movie, and got to spend the evening with friends...and becasue it's a brewery, Asheville Brewing, I got to check another beer joint off my list.