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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Rock You Like a Hurricane

(the Scorpions)

Megan suggested I make a hurricane play list, so thats on my agenda today. I'm in no hurry because this is one s-l-o-w moving storm; it reminds me of Frances in 2004, when we were in Florida. That hurricane sat over us for days dumping water and toppling trees, it was surreal. I saw a FB post that said waiting for a hurricane is like being stalked by a turtle. Word.

I went to Trader Joes yesterday morning to get hurricane supplies...fresh figs, goat cheese, and a loaf of french bread, and observed that the store is preparing for autumn with their pumpkin product end cap. If Trader Joes says it's fall, then I too can decorate for the season.

Brewier and I took advantage of Asheville's lull in tourism, and went to the Biltmore. After walking around the house and admiring the gardens, (the Biltmore has released a statement stating that the Chihuly sculptures are made to withstand the hurricane!) we went to the Biltmore Inn and sat on the loggia, watching the clouds go by as we enjoyed wine and lunch, (if you ever visit, get the creme brûlée trio for dessert) It was perfect.

Walmart says the eighties are back.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Secret Places.

Brewier and I went out in search of a little known, but beautiful waterfall in Barnardsville. The directions and supposed landmarks failed us, and we ended up deep in the Pisgah National Forest. We got out of the car and did a short hike, and I had to video the forest not for it's beauty, but because it contains my favorite sound; silence. Seriously, it was silent!

This is before the road got small.

There were lots of little falls along the way.


A couple of months ago I heard about a new brewery that is only open for a few hours every Sunday. Brewier I tried to find it last month and failed...or so I thought. Sunday we went back to the same dead end road, and discovered the secret entrance. It doesn't advertise, is found only by word of mouth, and has just a 15 gallon system. I was impressed that they had six beers on tap; we sampled them all. I love the design and feel of the brewery, and found out they are already expanding their brewing system. There were only a couple other people there, but I imagine once they expand and word gets out, this will be a really busy place.

Wow those glasses look big. They're actually just 4 ounces each.

The bathroom is dimly lit and ALL black. Kinda cool.

I asked Oliver to read a book to me, (Put Me in the Zoo) and he needed a secret place to do the task.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

What Tricia Bought.

I've been carrying around a Pottery Barn gift card for over a year. I finally used it and bought these overpriced, but beautiful silk flowers.

I have a crush on Australian clothing lines. I follow different brands on IG and dream of owning pieces from them. When I saw this teal side tie dress show up on my feed, I couldn't resist, I bought it. The company, "motto" is family owned, and offered me 10% off along with $20 off my first purchase. The package arrived within a couple of weeks and included a chocolate heart, tea sachet and a handwritten note. I love the dress!

I really should learn how to pose.

My other purchase was found on the clearance rack at Target. Shorts with a calico cutaway skirt attached. Perfect for the beach.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

The Sunshine State

We've been back from Florida for a few days now, but blogging is tough, so you're mostly going to get photos.

We went to the beerfest and had a blast; I actually enjoyed it more than the ones we go to in Asheville. Dare I say...better beer, and the air conditioning was great. I may have consumed more beer than I realized, because the ride home is a little fuzzy, but I never felt sick and was fine the next day.

Admiring the stormy skies as we leave the festival.

Brewier fell asleep on the sofa, and Clay snuggled in next to him. Brewier has no idea how much his grandchildren love him.
I was able to go to church while in Tampa. Jacksons eyes lit up when he saw Brewier walk in. When he saw me, he put his hands over his nose and mouth, all the while shouting, "Maemae! Don't breathe!" Jessica sat me away from all the people, under an ac vent, so I was okay. This past Sunday, Jessica texted me from church, telling me that Jackson was asking if Poppy would be there again.

Coffee with my tired girl.

Jessica bought sunglasses for Jackson and Brooke at the dollar spot. As soon as they put them on, they started dancing and posing as if transported from a 1980's music video. I'm so glad I had my phone handy.

This is the only pic I have from Mark and Darlene's, and Dar isn't even in it.

We did manage a quick trip to the beach. And by quick I mean I stood in the surf for 20 minutes, because any longer than that and I am lobster red.

Oh look! My tumor is back!

The skies turned stormy on our drive home.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Things I've Done This Week.

I figured I should update the blog before I get in the car and head back to Florida. Yes, I know I was there just last month, but I really miss the there is a beer festival in Tampa on Saturday. Brewier and I took advatage of his unemployment and booked a tour of New Belgium Brewery when it wasn't busy. If you are ever in Asheville, (or Colorado,) take the tour, it's fantastic and fun, and the halls are filled with great art. Don't drink beer? New Belgium doesn't care. Come hang out, sit by the river and drink the free house made seltzer.

We went to Highland Brewery for a concert celebrating, "The Best" of Asheville.

We went to French Broad Brewery to hear Carver and Carmody perform; another must if you are in Asheville.

We went to Catawba to try a couple of their new releases.

I went to the Beehive...I'm not ALWAYS drinking beer, and met Clark, who is a musician. He has the best style, (and a grat personality.)

Oliver, Monkey George, and I snuggled and watched all the episode of "Struggle Meals" on Amazon.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

This Arrived at My Door Today.

It was scheduled to be delivered yesterday, but Brewier and I went picking blueberries and hiking at Graveyard Fields. I'm not much of a wine drinker anymore, but when I came across Bright Cellars, and their story (a couple of MIT wine loving students came up with an algorithm, to find the wines best matched to your pallet), plus free shipping...I couldn't resist giving it a try. If you are interested in trying it, heres a code for $30 off your first order. (and I get a free bottle of wine) Included int he box was a wine and coffee pairing list. Its like they know me!
So yeah, yesterday was perfect hiking weather, and we were able to pick enough berries for a couple of cobblers. As we hiked I kept noticing bright red leaves on the forest floor. Autumn is coming and this is the first year Im not anxious for it to arrive. As I said before, last winter was brutal on me.
After our hike we stopped by Tastee Diner, then headed home for a quick shower and short nap, before meeting Nancy and Jason at the Brew and View to watch Infinity Wars. After the movie as we were standing next to our car saying goodbye, we noticed the car next to us had a rock garden in the rear window. Nifty.