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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Goin' On.

(Marvin Gaye)

When I'm not hanging out at the Beehive or Sierra Nevada, I'm online looking for our next home. Houses are sparse; houses I can actually be in, are even rarer. At least we have 6 months to find a new place, though the thought of packing up and moving again makes me cringe. In the back of my mind is the thought that, we can move any where in the USA we want, since we don't own a home, and Brewier works interim jobs. The Pacific Northwest always pops into my mind, but now that it is supposed to be hit by an earthquake, tsunami, and fall into the ocean at anytime...maybe I'll stay in the mountains on this side of the Mississippi.

Monday, I'm having surgery on my ankle, to remove the gigantic, "giant cell tumor," I actually have two of them on my ankle now. Every time I say tumor, I hear, and say it like Arnold.

Friday is Brewier's last day of work in Hertford, NC. Next Wednesday, he starts a new interim job in Lexington, NC, just 150 miles from home. Wahoo!

We filed for bankruptcy this month. Not fun. The weird thing is, as soon as we filed, our credit score went's higher now than when we were paying on our credit cards.

Yesterday while at the Beehive, a man driving a pickup that said, "Papa Smurf," on the side of it, stopped in and asked if we wanted doughnuts. He goes to Krispy Kreme every Monday and Tuesday, buys 400 dozen doughnuts, and gives boxes of them to homeless people, and anyone else who wants them.

I was on my computer, and wanted to show Megan something. I walked all through the house, and outside looking for her, without and success. Imagine my surprise in realizing that she was asleep at my feet, in Olivers giant pile of stuffed animals.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Story of This Life.

Have you seen the videos? They're about parenting, are pretty funny, and have become pretty popular. Esther, the lovely young woman who makes these videos, is friends with Jessica, and asked if Jessica, along with her four kids, would be in the most recent video.

And of course, I had to take a screen shot of them.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Deadly Clocks, and First Dates.

Everyone has one of those, right? This morning Brewier and I went to a new flea market, here in Asheville. It was a real flea market, like you see on was fabulous. I didn't intend to purchase anything, but when I spied my dream clock, with a price tag 1/4 of what it sells for on Ebay, I snatched it up. Who cares that it's radioactive. Yes, it really is; the hands are painted with a glow in the dark radium paint, but you know how I like to live life on the edge.

Here is my beautiful, deadly, Jefferson Golden Hour.

I thought this was a great idea for an umbrella skeleton.

It was hard, but I resisted this.

Yesterday Sophie asked if we were up to anther visit to Sierra Nevada. Who am I to deny the woman an afternoon of fun?

While waiting for our food to arrive, we watched a man and woman walk in and awkwardly sit at a table. It was SO obvious that they were on a first date. We watched their entire date, from eating, to walking around outside, to sitting down in separate adirondack chairs, and ignoring each other while on their phones. I'm pretty sure there won't be a second date. It did provide us with some great entertainment though. Him, looking very Asheville, with a beard, shorts and ball cap. Her, in a very short, sheer, "naked dress," without any undergarments on. Maybe this was a blind date?

Other things going on this past week, A walk through the gardens at Biltmore,

Oliver discovered my rock collection,

We went to the downtown splash park,

Made paleo muffins,

and went for a walk on a new to us trail, in Weaverville. There we came across this sculpture, with one of my favorite quotes on it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Five Times in One Week!

Get your mind out of the gutter. Thats how many times I visited the Sierra Nevada taproom last week. Thats how many times I drank beer and ate duck fat fries, and is why I now live in stretchy skirts and t-shirts. I hadn't planned on eating there that often, but everyone who visits us wants to go to the taproom, and we've had lots of visitors.

My niece Patricia, and her daughter Remedy, traveled from KY, to spend the weekend with us. I had such a great time talking to Patricia, because she too loves fashion, and we have a similar aesthetic; I pretty much repin everything she puts on Pinterest.

Sunday instead of a brunch, we had a cookout. It consisted mostly of chips.

While here, Sophie cut my hair, and as she was cutting, my brother Ken, his wife Stephanie, and son Gavin, knocked on the door. They had been in Gatlinburg for the weekend, and drove the extra 90 minutes to visit Asheville. Ken, is Patricias dad :) And he wears a kilt.

Late Sunday afternoon, Ken and I were walking around Asheville, when I remembered our longtime friend, Glen, who is touring with the Freddie Jones Band, was playing that evening at a downtown venue. We walked to it, peeked in the doors, and saw our friend doing a sound check. Despite not seeing him since 1980, he recognized me, and we got to say hello.

So I was standing weird in that picture, because my back was hurting, and the wind was blowing my dress away from me, making me look really a balloon with a pingpong ball head.

Brewier found this desk on Craigslist, for free! Its three feet by six feet, and has really nice vintage hardware, but I think I'm going to take the top off, make some iron pipe legs, and call it my dining table.

Yesterday I dumped out all of my buttons, and started making button necklaces. Oliver, "Helped."

I found some clip on bangs on Ebay, and Meg bought a pair. Today she had our friends at the Beehive, put them on. I laughed, So. Hard.

In random news, I'm supposed to have my tumor removed August third. Yikes.

Friday, July 17, 2015

It's a Hard Knock Life.

Please tell me you can hear the sarcasm in my voice. That song has been running through my head quite often, of late. You see, we've had a steady stream of guests since the end of May, and I've been living the vacationing tourist life, even more than usual. Last week, I was at the Sierra Nevada Taproom, 3 times in four days, the place is like an adult theme park.

I felt so Wes Anderson, taking this photo of Megan.

A beer bottle chandelier, and a wall of living plants.

We did a self guided tour of the brewery. This shot reminds me of the museum scene in, "Ferris Buellers Day Off."

Megan was happy to be there.

Oliver gazing at the bottling machinery.

The brewery has only been operating for a couple of months, but has become such a popular tourist attraction, that they are already expanding.

Nearly everyday we go to the Beehive, for coffee, and to visit with other regulars. It is the entire realm of my social life. We've also decided that we will do our baguette, ham and cheese, lunch, once a week, because sharing food is fun.

My niece, Patricia, and her daughter Remedy are our next visitors, and will be arriving around lunch time. I guess I should start thinking about a menu plan for while they're here. Of course....there is always, Sierra Nevada.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Big Crafty.

Megan was invited to be part of the Big Crafty Art Event, this year. Shirlee, came up from Florida to help out; we really need to get her and Estevan to move up here.

Brewier, Oliver, and I usually hang out with Megan and walk around, but it was SO humid, that we just did a quick walk around, and left.
We drove to west Asheville, to check out the progress on the HGTV Urban Oasis home; it looks great. the houses around it however, look bad. Really bad. Chain link fences, animal cages in the yard, junk strewn across the lawn, (Can you call weeds a lawn?) kind of bad. Whoever wins this house is in for a surprise.

I really like how the designers incorporated these large stones as the steps.

Olivers big request for the day, was to go to the park. He had a great time climbing, but laughed the hardest when he was spinning Brewier on the kids toy.

Once home, Oliver and I were on the sofa watching Netflix, and snacking on pretzels, when I look over at him as he says, Maemae! Look how good I can balance."

Friday, July 10, 2015

You Know How My All Time Favorite TV Show is Friends?

And how I've always dreamed of a coffee shop to hang out in, and be a part of, just like the characters on Friends? Well guess what I realized after spending five hours at the Bee Hive, today? My dream has come true! Yes, I really was there for five hours. I hadn't planned on being there that long, but it was a slow day at the Hive, so Phillip, (Barista, and Biltmore, wine guy,) and Megan, went out to get ham, cheese, croissants, and a baguette, to snack on. Yes, for real, this is my life.

Here's Sophie giving me the finger. No, not THAT finger; the finger that says, "Don't you dare take my picture."

The spread.

Megan and Oliver in their Tesla shirts, in honor of his birthday, today.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Coffee at The Beehive, Lego club in the afternoon at the library, then a trip out to Biltmore, so Oliver can run around, and hopefully be so tired that he will go to bed early tonight.
Greg has his kayaks and canoes parked in our driveway for the week, and Oliver treats it like his personal jungle gym.

Downtown Asheville, as seen from the Rankin parking garage.

Biltmore has planted grass that looks EXACTLY like Lego plants.