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Thursday, October 12, 2017


I have a love for the 1920's and 30's. The movies, music, art, and travel. When I came across this steamer trunk today, my heart skipped a beat. I've dreamed of owning one of these since I was a kid, and Brewier DID ask me what I wanted for Christmas.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

It was Pointed Out to Me,

(by Brewier) that this guy was missing from my "Love" post. I just thought it was a given.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


For this art. These people I live with. The young ladies I get to craft with. And of course, good coffee.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

How is it...

I had more to blog about when I was sick and stuck at home in Orlando? I guess the biggest difference is that I don't have friends or family here that stop by.
Day 16 of the Whole30: I haven't lost any weight, I exercise and have to take a nap afterwards, I enjoy the foods I do eat. As I've mentioned before, I'm allergic to synthetic B's; my blood pressure skyrockets. I don't crave beer, but am ready to go drink one for the B vitamins. It's legit.
Yesterday I put up a slackline for Oliver. I was going to try it, but decided that would not be the wisest thing to do since I'm old and fragile. (Olivers words)
I decorated my entry hall table for fall, and made a pillow slipcover from two felted sweaters. Super easy, and super soft (the light grey is cashmere).
I'm happy sweater weather is here. (Sarah, it's the CAbi sweater I found on ebay!)
People still ask if we ever see bears. Yes, just about everyday. This cute family had just been on my kitchen porch.

And now, because I don't have the energy to move, I will binge watch, "Saving Hope" The Canadian version of Grey's Anatomy.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

We Now Return To Our Regular Programming.

Having a broken phone really messed up my least thats the excuse I'm using. I now have a shiney, red, iphone 7 plus, and I ditched my Florida number for an Asheville one; of course I accidentally sent everyone the wrong number then had to resend the right phone number, (thanks for the heads up Renee).
While I was absent here, Brewier and I have explored Abingdon, VA, visited/hiked, Bryson City, Lake Junaluska, Dillsboro, Mt Mitchell, Linville Falls, and the Biltmore, and shopped the Asheville Flea For Ya'll and Regeneration Station, and I went to another coffee tasting at Counter Culture.
What we haven't done is visit breweries, since both Brewier and I are on day 14 of the Whole30. This round I realized I am allergic to eggs, and am feeling much better since I've eliminated them from my diet, along with all nuts and seeds.

Megan found this book at the flea market; so perfect for her since her nieces and nephews all think she is a giant.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Year.

That's how long John and Sarah had been planning to come and visit us; what we didn't take into account was Irma. John was going to ride his motorcycle up, and Sarah had a flight scheduled; because of the hurricane neither of those things happened. After the airline canceled Sarah's flight, she and John hopped in the car, leaving Ethan to weather the storm with his grandparents, and headed out of Florida, and toward Asheville, along with a bajillion other Floridians. Because they drove up, Sarah's visit was extended by two days...whoo hoo! Although Irma didn't hit us as hard as Florida, we still were without power for two days, and the Blue Ridge Parkway is still closed in some parts due to trees across the road. Our time was filled with eating, drinking, shopping and being tourists; we had so much fun! I took advantage of Sarahs design skills and asked her to arrange my bookcases with fall items. Its nice to have a different perspective, as I tend to be a bit more spare.

Breakfast in Brewiers office, because we had no power.

We visited Sweeten Creek Brewery, to see our favorite performers, Mike and Amy. We didn't expect and acrobatic show from Amy.

John gave them pointers.

Sarah and I learned to play cornhole,

and spent some downtime rewatching the first season of "Greek"

We may not have had power, but the breweries did.

Monday, September 18, 2017


(The Rolling Stones)

It's also the state of my iphone. I was standing in front of Horse & Hero, with Brewier and Sarah, and it just slipped from my hand and landed face down on the sidewalk. I picked up the uncased device and the screen was spiderwebbed with cracks. Brewier was delighted to see this and had a huge smile on his face. Not the typical reaction, I know, but he has been after me for at least a year, to upgrade my iphone5, to a model that will ring when people call, and alert me when I have messages. I was okay with it as long as the camera worked, but even that was getting wonky.

Tomorrow I will get a new phone, and work on photos from John and Sarah's wonderful week long visit.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Where Are My Poptarts?!

It's really weird watching Floridians prepare for the hurricane and not being part of it; I've been out of sorts and unsettled. Sarah has had a flight out of Orlando this coming Monday, to come and visit me, we've been planning this trip for months. She and John are now planning to drive up this weekend, along with every other Floridian with the exception of Jessica and family who will stay and ride out the storm. Oliver is concerned for his cousins and sad that they won't be coming up here.

Tomorrow I'll go out and buy Poptarts, our traditional hurricane food, (it's the only time I ever bought them, when Jessica and Megan were young), because Monday, Irma is supposed to hit Asheville in the form of a tropical storm.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The Weekend of Festivals

I love fall festivals, and there is no shortage of them here; it's more a matter of choosing which ones to go to each day.
Saturday we went to the NC apple Festival in Hendersonville. The first time we went was probably 20-25 years ago, and it was a small town, quaint, celebration. It has grown tremendously. My favorite part is getting to meet up with Renee and her family. Who would have thought that after being friends and neighbors for 28 years in FL, we would both be living in NC now.

The footwear of choice.

Continuing to document what I wear.

Sunday was my most favorite festival of all, the LAAF, (Living Asheville Arts Festival). Its full of artists, activities, music and fun, and it's all free. It did my soul good to be there and see that there are still "Asheville" people around. Gentrification is moving in hard and fast here, and things are changing.

How awesome are these chairs by Monster Head?

These two cuties had a man's wallet attached to the end of a fishing line, playing pranks on the people who passed by.