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Thursday, January 19, 2017


Olivers' grandma Janny is here.

I've been watching youtube videos on how to thread your own face. Menopause has given me a peach fuzz beard, and I'd like to be rid of it. I'm afraid that threading my own face will have the same disasterous results as trying to do my own bikini wax.

I have my watercolors out, trying to paint clouds. I'm not very good.

I'm baking a cake. Oliver will be six tomorrow, and Brewier will be 66 on Saturday. The older you get, the faster time goes by.

It's sunny and warm today, (how can this possibly January?) so I am washing the sofa slipcover and putting it outside to dry. I have just discovered that my family hates my comfy, squishy Rachel Ashewell sofa, so I'm hoping to sell it on Craigslist and purchase a couple of leather chairs.

I'm trying not to be jealsous of Jessica. She is going to the U2 Joushua Tree concert in June.

My mom and stepdad are moving from Florida to Kentucky. I'm pretty excited about this. They sold their snowbird KY house a few years ago, and have missed the small town life. It will be nice having them live just 4.5 hours from me.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Last weekend Keith, one of my most favorite people in the world, spent the weekend with us. Well, mostly he spent it with Megan; they are two peas in a pod, and its fun just listening to them converse. While the two fo them did Asheville things, Brewier and I took Oliver with us while we did our weekend things. He sat on the lawn mowers at Home Depot, and fell in love with a camo ATV at the Reneration Station, where we bought two fake plants. One is the olive tree in our dining room, and the other is a fiddle leaf fig for Brewiers office. The fig plant was thick with dust, and it took all three of us to get it clean. We went to a used furniture store, (Im working on another room at the retirement community,) and Oliver tried to talk us into buying this Italian leather sofa for our house. The kid has good taste.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It Only Took Two Years.

We bought this dresser a couple of years ago at our local Hospice thrift store. It's a beautiful well made piece, and the wood finish was in pretty good shape, but the previous owner must have been a heavy smoker, because despite all of our vinegar wipe downs, and sitting it in the sun for days, the smoke odor remained, so I didn't feel too bad covering up the lovely wood with paint. The color I chose is the same color I had my kitchen wall painted in our last home, and I'm really happy with it. Brewier sanded and painted it in August? September? and it has been curing and out gassing ever since. This past weekend we brought it into the dining room, and its perfect.
The olive tree in the corner is new too. Yes, it is fake, because I am the killer of all green things.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow Days

Perfect for organizing closets, drawers and shelves. Also perfect for sledding down our awesome driveway and into the woods. Not so awesome is getting frostbite on my bum. For real. It still hurts to sit. While I emptied the contents of my closet onto the bed, Oliver, lover of snow and cold weather, (he has asked if we could move to Antartica,) built forts in the living room. After three days in the house, we ventured down the mountain this morning for Olivers' standing play date with Miss Dana, his octagenarian friend.

My goal this year is to add some color to my wardrobe.

Yes he is in there. He told me the red pillows are angry red eyebrows.

Saturday, January 07, 2017


Hygge, pronounced, hue-gah,is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. Cozy is a very hygge, and has become very popular and mainstream; just search for it on Pinterest. I grew up with hygge, and have continued to ...practice? on an everyday basis, though until last year I never knew there was a word, (and a hundred books) explaining it. One example is that in the mornings we plug in all our twinkle lights, flip the switch on the gas fireplace, pour some coffee, and snuggle on the sofa as we listen to 1940's music. Cozy and meaningful is a way of life here. This morning we awoke to 6 inches of snow, the perfect hygge weather.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

I Can't Really Call It Work.

This morning I started moving furniture around; one of my favorite activities. Moving every year or two makes me itchy for change, thats my excuse anyway. Once our Christmas tree came down and the twinkle lights were put away, the house looked rather sad, so I pulled out a strand and put them along the book cases, and the cabinet that was in the dining room is now along the living room wall. I had planned on styling the bookcases, but Oliver has been "helping me all day." Despite how bright my house looks, it has been a very grey day, with the promise of snow tomorrow. We haven't mentioned this to Oliver though, just incase it doesn't happen.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Apple Used to Be So Good.

I got my first ibook in 2001, it was awesome and wonderful and was a thing of beauty. The only thing that surpassed it was the next macbook I got. It had a built in camera, disc drive/burner, excellent speakers, and a remote controll. It was easy to use, the OS made sense, I couldn't imagine anything better. My imagination was correct. With each successive laptop and OS, Apple has degraded. The speakers are crap, the mic doesn't always work, I had to purchase an external disc drive the remote feature was discontinued long ago, and now that I've updated to osSierra, my computer freezes, iphoto has been replaced with a sucky photos app with less editing controll...all the updates have made things more difficult to use. All that to say, this is why I haven't updated the blog, or been online.

A photo of my beloved macbook, and Megan, who I also kind of love.

New Years Eve was spent at Sweeten Creek Brewing, until they closed at 9pm. From there we went to Jennifer and Gabes. Megan and Oliver were there, and Matt, and Heather, along with their three girls were visiting from NJ. These are all camp friends from Jessicas youth. We played games until was the most fun I've had on NYE in ages; such a lovely group of people.

New Years day Brewier and I took the tree down and put all the Christmas decor away. This is one year I could have happily left it up longer.

in the evening we hung out with seven extra kids, while the parents went out on a double date, kidless, for the first time ever. It was fun having a house full, and Megan, much to their delight, gave them all "rocket rides."

Friday, December 30, 2016


It was so much fun, (even though I get crabby because of all the noise and jam hands,) with Ray, Jessica and the kids here...probably the best Christmas ever. The cherry on top was having Jennifer, Gabe and their children join us in the afternoon. The guys went hiking and us girls played games. We spent a couple of hours playing Pictionary, made extra challenging because Jennifer is from Scotland and so is her edition of the game. Megan and I managed to prove to everyone that we really do share the same brain, by drawing identical scenes for most of the prompts.

Jessica made this fantastic video of their trip here; I've watched it about a dozen times so far.

The secret snackers. Jackson is Brookes protector and shares everything with her.

Yes, I got a handgun for Christmas.

Every little girl should have a mink hat.

I always want to do a fancy, elegant dinner, but my family requests this fare.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fifty Five and Still Alive.

I really didn't expect to live to 55...had we stayed in FL, I may not have. But today I am celebrating with my family! Jessica and Ray got here late Wednesday night, so things have been hopping here. Our Christmas tree is loaded with gifts, and the kids are drawn to it like a magnet, trying to find gifts with their names, without touching anything.

We had a frost that turned our mountain into a magical place. By noon it had started to thaw and fall; it sounded like rain, it was so perfuse. Megan Oliver and I went outside and played in it like snow.

I started blogging this on the 23rd, and this is all the farther I got before the kids woke up and joined me on the sofa. I have spent the past 30 minutes writing the rest of the post only to have my computer freeze and delete it. I updated my OS yesterday to macOSsierra. since then my computer keeps freezing, I can't drop and drag photos to Flickr, along with a host of other annoying, "improvements." If you haven't updated, I reccomend you don't.

The morning of my birthday, Jessica and I went out ot City Bakery for breakfast, then went shoe shopping. I bought two pairs, but havent taken pics yet.

Without any communication between them, Brewier, Jessica and Megan, all got me coffee makers!

In the afternoon, Brewier and I went out to a couple of breweries, then to Farmburger for dinner. I was hoping to get a photo of my entire family together, but trying to get everyone in one room and standing still is nearly impossible. I posted a meme on Jessicas FB page that said, "I do not have ducks. They are not in a row. I have squirrels, and they are at a rave." That pretty much describes her life. (And in addition to her five kids, she DOES have a squirrel living in her house. Ray rescued it, and now it is a pet named Fluffy.)

And now, photos leading up to Christmas.

Oliver still askes to wash the dishes...such fun!

Crafting with friends.

Free Christmas wreaths from Trader Joes.


Megan has a friend who is a master gardener, and he gave her 600 tulip bulbs.

Ray and Brewier planted some on the bank. Now for the other 575.