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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Could It Be Any More Perfect?

(Said in my Chandler Bing voice)

This kind of day is a rarity in Florida...the kind of day that make tourists think they could live here. When Sarah and I left for the beach at 6:30, yes, in the morning, the temperature was 57 degrees, with a delightfully cool and humidity free breeze; it was cold enough that we needed to put on our seat warmers as we drove to Starbucks. The beach was nearly deserted save for a handful of fisherman, and a washed up tree that looked like a giant octopus. We walked the length of Bethune Beach and into the Canaveral National Seashore. By 9:30 our faces were starting to turn pink, and we left in search of breakfast. We drove down A1A, but all of the beach side cafes I used to go to are gone; high rises taking their places, so we thought we would try downtown New Smyrna. The handful of restaurants were packed with vacationers, and we made the decision to go to Sanford, but not before exploring the farmers market. While the beach was breezy, Sanford was downright windy, but that didn't deter us from sitting lakeside, because it was just so beautiful out.

Friday, April 19, 2019

I Forgot About Good Friday.

Well, I remembered it was Good Friday, I forgot that people do major grocery shopping on this day. I went to Costco to pick up some groceries (I am in salad heaven) and trying to walk through the store was like driving through Atlanta during rush hour. There was nothing I could do but be patient and go with the flow of people.
We are having some fantastic Florida rain storms this afternoon, making it the perfect time to read a couple of Dr. recommended books, and drink coffee. Mark has a Pixi espresso machine. Im getting really spoiled.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Palm Trees are My Fave.

After staying inside all of yesterday, internetting and watching gun videos on Youtube with Mark, I thought I should probably get out and enjoy the sunshine and cool temperatures; eighty four degrees, which is pretty darn cool for Florida.
I drove through my old neighborhood on autopilot, pushing down the feelings that arose as I cruised by the familiar, and pulled into my friend Eileen's driveway. She's an octogenarian, but you would never know it from her energy and mental sharpness. I took a photo of us, but she asked that I not post it because she was out of hairspray and her hair was, "A mess." I did get a photo of our old home, the one I planned on living in forever. I agree with Eileen, that this is the best it has looked since we moved out.

I texted Sarah, and we met for lunch; Publix sushi under the palms with a lovely breeze blowing.

And that was Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Toes Tell the Story.

They are painted; a near death defying feat for me, and a telltale sign that I am Florida bound. Or was Florida bound, because I arrived here yesterday, emotionally and physically exhausted. I rolled into downtown Orlando at 4:45, and didn't arrive to my destination, five miles away, until 5:56.

I had plenty of time to take pictures of a downtown I no longer recognize.

Before leaving Asheville, I stopped into Horse & Hero, where Noah gave me this print I've been admiring for over a year, and a seltzer to keep me hydrated as I walked around.

We stopped to see Melissa at Asheville Chocolate, while Oliver enjoyed a giant chocolate topped with krispies.

One last stop for a beer at Catawba, on a rainy Saturday.

I had plans today to go visit some people and shop at Costco, but instead have decided to stay in and rest. I may even put my pajamas back on.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Then and Now

This photo came up in my FB feed as a memory from six years ago. I remember thinking I looked old, and then continuing the thought with, "One day I'll look at this photo and think, wow I look young." That day is today.

This is me yesterday wearing another one of my new outfits. I look at the photo and think, Wow, I look old, followed by the thought, "One day I'll look back and think, Wow, I look young." I'm now considering if I should try growing my hair out...
the biggest reason I keep it short is that I can cut it myself.

Yesterday I visited the Biltmore; I really wanted to see all the tulips in bloom, and I wasn't disappointed. Everything is so lush and colorful. The thousands of azalea bushes on the grounds are covered with buds, and look like they should be bursting forth next weekend.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Inevitable Question

The people at the Fika Meetup were lovely; I'm pretty sure I was the only one not wearing a hearing aid, and without a doubt I was the only woman not wearing fragrance. My visit lasted about 30 minutes, which is a pretty impressive length of time for me. The most uncomfortable part of these meetups is the inevitable question, which I've talked about before, "Are you retired or do you still work?" If only there were a hidden camera to record people's expressions when I tell them I've never worked. I imagine it's the same look a unicorn would get if ever spied by a human. At this point all conversation usually stops; its as if people think since I've never worked outside the home, I have nothing to talk about, so I made a list of a some of the things I've done. The first is home educating Jessica and Megan. This was the wild west of home education, there were no co-ops, support groups or curriculum. I've made money by selling my artwork and craft work, making jewelry, doing calligraphy, baking, cleaning houses, childcare, I've done seamstress work, and have an Etsy shop where I sold mostly vintage goods. Oh, and I bartered my health care for several years by working for my doctor. I was offered a book deal based on my craft blog, which fell through because I couldn't go to bookstores to promote the book.
I've staged several homes for selling, organized closets, laid tile, hung drywall, put up crown moulding, painted, wallpapered, reupholstered furniture, built a lattice fence, cut hair, did makeup for an author's book jacket photo and did image consulting.
I would be so bored with a 9-5 job.

After the meetup I walked around downtown, (Wicked Weed was brewing and it smelled delicious) for a while, visiting Justin at Horse and Hero, and checking out all the fairly new businesses on the South Slope.

Even the art shops in Asheville have taps.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Getting Out.

Introvert (ISFP) that I am, it's pretty easy for me to keep to myself, engaged in reading, art projects, or more recently, binge watching shows on Netflix. Sunday I thought it would be a good idea to see people, so Megan and I went the The Beehive to visit with Sophie, and MAx was there! We've been visiting with Max since the coffee shop opened, and it's always a treat to see him.

In an effort to help me meet people, because I love talking to and being around people, (I'm just not the best at it) Megan found a Meetup group for introverts walking distance from her house, so I joined the group and walked to the meeting Monday night. Because it's a group of introverts I wondered if anyone else would show up, but there ended up being eight of us, though one woman was an extrovert New Yorker who comes to the meetings because she likes the people. I learned all kinds of things about Bill Clinton from her, because her best friend was roommates with Gennifer Flowers. The group meets again tonight, though I'm debating whether or not to go because people were encouraged to bring their dogs. I'm not a dog person.
I am however going to a Fikka meetup this morning. Twenty people have RSVP'd so it's debatable if I will be able to stay (fragrance and fabric softener)

Spring really is here and my view from Megan's bedroom window is pretty sweet considering how close to town we are.



Sunday, April 07, 2019

How Does One Pack...

When You don't know where you will be living or for how long? The majority of my wardrobe has consisted of thrift store finds, hand me downs and a few new pieces purchased a couple of times a year at TJmaxx. It has served me well, but as I packed for my trip to Jessica's, last month I noticed how shabby my summer clothes were looking, and the two pairs of jeans and three sweaters I've been wearing for the past two winters didn't look much better.
Sarah suggested a shopping trip to purchase a capsule wardrobe that would work for spring through summer.
Loft was having a 40% off sale, and between that and Nordstrom Rack, we put together a dreamy collection. With Sarah's help,I ended up getting 4 pairs of pants/jeans, 2 pairs of sandals, a dress, 2 sweaters, 7 tops, and a pair of shorts. Whew! I've never done anything like that, but boy was it ever fun! I feel like I finally have clothes that fit me and make sense. Last week I wore a couple of my new outfits and documented them for Sarah.

New sweater and jeans. Jeans that fit! Jeans that weren't from a thrift store or a hand me down!

...and another pair of jeans, in a leopard print, with a top I already had.

Thank you Oliver for being my photographer.

Friday, April 05, 2019

I Have a New Address

And Amazon doesn’t deliver to it. Whaaat?! I placed an order yesterday, and only my vitamins will be delivered to a PO Box.
This could be a problem.
For anyone interested this is where you can reach me.

Tricia Welch, PO Box 8702, Asheville, NC 28814.

Everyday I walk to the post office and peer inside my empty mailbox...except this time it wasn't empty, but held a treasure from Sarah O. Sarah travels the world and sends me surprise packages filled with smashed pennies and ephemera. Thank you Sarah <3 Now that I am caught up on sleep, I'm getting restless. What am I supposed to do with myself while living in limbo?

Wednesday, April 03, 2019


Saturday we took the last of the things destined for storage to the unit. As I closed the door on all of my worldly possessions, my body, which had been remarkably strong and pain free these past two months, gave in and I felt like I had been hit by a truck. A big truck. I had trouble gathering the strength and energy to walk out of the building. I spent the rest of the day and all of Sunday in bed next to Megan, binge watching "Wayward Pines." I'd given her the dvd's for Christmas 2017, yet we had never watched them; I'm glad we waited because it was just the kind of show we love. Once we finished that series, we started binging Colony on Netflix, and when I'm by myself Im watching The O.A.
My plan this week was to purchase a vehicle. I'd looked at a 2005 Toyota Sienna a few weeks ago and watched as it sat on the lot unsold. I prayed about it and decided today would be the day I would buy it. It sold yesterday, prayer answered. Now I'm questioning if a minivan is the way to go or if I should look at something like a Prius. The pro's on the minivan are, I can haul stuff, all my grandchildren fit in it, I can sleep in if need be (this freaks a lot of people out when I talk about sleeping in my van, but hey, it's something i have to consider). The pros of a Prius or other smaller car, better gas mileage. Ugh! This really throws a wrench in my plan of driving to Florida this weekend.

This is day three of no crying for me. It's amazing how getting more than three hours of sleep a night can improve one's mental state. Right after this picture was taken Oliver and I had a sob fest...Megan was fine.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Hardest of Days.

Our home is now just a house, empty space full of memories. I feel like I'm in a dream/nightmare and nothing feels real. I have no idea what I should be doing, or what life is supposed to be now...and I'm really tired of crying.

My final morning.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Hell Week and All the Feelings.

Monica went home last Monday, and Sarah flew in from Orlando Wednesday morning, with John and Ethan driving up Thursday night. This was their families vacation week...and their 25th Anniversary. My friends overwhelm me with their love and I don't think I could survive this without their support.
Oliver's dad died this past week. Matthew hadn't had any contact in over six years, but it still impacted Oliver, especially since Brewier has now also abandoned him and the rest of the family. He has a lot of feelings going on for an eight year old, as he watches me cry while dismantling our home to put in storage, and tries to understand that I don't want to leave him and Megan, but have been given no choice. You can't rent a home without an income.
I've sold as much as I could, and donated several van loads to charity; the movers arrive on the 28th to put the rest in storage, though I've questioned why I'm even doing that...should I just sell everything? How do you start life over at 57?
When will my chest stop feeling like it is being crushed? can a person die from crying?

This is where we live, it's our nest of safety and comfort.

My state of being:

Monday, March 18, 2019

Young and Innocent.

Sorting through do I still have so much ephemera after moving 4 times in 6 years? I'm going through a box of stuff collected since I was a kid, and came across this menu from a state dinner I attended. A group of us high schoolers were attending a two week journalism class at EKU during the summer of 1978. Somehow, the professor teaching it, wrangled tickets for us to go to this Midwestern Governors dinner in Lexington. Here's what I remember about it. I ate caviar at the cocktail hour and didn't care for it, now knowing that it was very cheap caviar. I tried to use a secure phone line and got a talking to by secret service. I then thought it would be a fun idea to act suspicious the rest of the night to give the secret service guys something to do. In today's world I probably would have been taken to the pokey. The dinner itself is a bit of a blur, because I sat next to the professor and he kept pouring me glass after glass of wine. Back then I thought he must be really cool. Now I know he was being really creepy.

The other thing I remember is the dress I wore in this photo. My favorite dress ever. It was a super soft brushed cotton, with flowers in plums and lavenders on it with mossy green leaves. I wonder what happened to it, because it brought me joy.

Friday, March 15, 2019

One of Our Favorite Days

Every year Megan and I look forward to this day. As annual passholders to the Biltmore Estate, we each get two tickets for free admission, and if friends haven't claimed them by the day of expiration, we drive to the ticket parking lot and give them to people. Some of the folks we offer them to look as if we are trying to pass off a bomb, but most are really surprised and happy...and so are we.