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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sunrise, Sunset.

We see them both from our back deck, which is pretty amazing. The sunrise reflects on the clouds in the morning, then in the evening, we see the sunset. Its beautiful and different every night.
These are unedited photos, as most of my pictures are, because I'm lazy, and because my iphone and Macbook are not speaking to each other, so photos aren't uploading.

I spent the morning cutting up two of Brewiers discarded dress shirts, with plans to make a summer bunting. Recycled crafting makes me so happy and serene.

I was asked how I cut the back of my hair. I purchased a 1.5 inch cutting guard that fits on the clippers I use for Brewier and Olivers hair. I just blindly run it up the back of my head. If you can't tell by now, I have no hair attachment issues.

We had a new momma bear and her little baby cub scouting out our blueberry bushes.

And this Tom turkey, in all of his puffed up magnificence, was trying to woo the lady turkey who spends her days in our yard. She seemed very disinterested, which made him puff up even bigger, and pursue her with greater vigor. Young ladies take note.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Somebody Hide My Scissors.

I did it again. I got bored with my hair and cut it...twice last week. Not just a little, but really short. I thought about giving myself a mohawk; that's how I cut Brewier's hair, but wasn't sure how to do it to myself. So for now, I look like this.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let the Summer Fun Begin.

Today felt like a true summer day, the kind I remembered as a kid and when my girls were young; something just felt special about it. Megan made us breakfast while Oliver and I drug a mattress into the living room, to use as a trampoline during the day, and to use as a bed for family campout night this evening.
Something I realized as a homeschooling mom, was that I never did alot of summer activities, mostly because we did special things year round, and Florida is too hot in the summer to be outside. Impromtu field trips, late night movies, nature walks, etc, were all apart of our regular routine. Now that we live in a climate that allows us to enjoy the outdoors, I wanted to have a summer checklist of special activities for Oliver. This morning we went on a nature scavenger hunt, and my friend Monica and her kids, who live in KY, did the hunt too, then we got on facetime to compare our finds. Not on the list, are the dozen very special "crystal" rocks Oliver collected, and scrubbed clean. He loves rocks and sang about how he could not resist their beauty and must have them all. I made him stop when the bag started getting heavy.
We are now in our pj's, laying around and watching Octonauts. As Oliver keeps telling me, It was a very good day.

As we walked by our house Oliver stopped and in awe, commented, "Look at our beautiful home."

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I'm Not Twenty Five.

I'd been looking forward to last Saturday for quite awhile. My favorite Asheville band, Lyric, was playing at the newly created Expand Fest, a semi replacement for the defunct Belle Chere festival, which had become to large and unruly for Asheville. Saturday morning we did our usual, stop and get coffee at Izzy's and walk around downtown. This time our walk led to Chocolate Gems, the chocolatier for the Biltmore estate, and now owned by our friends Zack and Mellisa. Not only are their chocolates out of this world, but Zack made me the best cappuccino I've ever had. There plans are to expand and rebrand the shop, and Melissa has asked me for ideas, on the interiors and the display's like giving me a shot of adrenaline. So. Much. Fun.
Greg and Gator rolled into town at lunchtime, and we met up with them at Luella's, for a quick bite before they hit the road again.
We drove out to the Salvation Army, our usual Saturday destination, but it was a bust...nothing new. At four o'clock, we went downtown, and miracle of miracles, were able to find a parking space. It was a good half mile from the festival, but I like walking. After checking out all the vendors and happenings, that took over the south slope, we went into the woderfully cool, airconditioned, Catawba Brewery, and even scored seats at the bar, (where you get served faster, which was good, since the place was packed and the line was out the door.) We kept those seats until Lyric took the stage at 5:30. For the next hour and a half, we stood in the very hot sun, swaying and listening to amazing music.
The day was not yet over, as we hiked back to the car and drove to Sweeten Creek Brewery, were our favorite local duo, Mike and Amy, were playing. We were there until 9pm, and we didnt get to bed until 11pm.
Sunday, I will refer to as the day of the living dead. I was sunburned, my eyes were gritty and my mouth dry from standing in a dusty parking lot for and hour and a half, my legs hurt...I did not feel good, I felt every one of my 55 years.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Where's Waldo Megan?

Oliver decided to bury his mom while she was resting. I told you he had a lot of stuffed animals.

Thursday, June 08, 2017


You know what you can't do when you have a nonfunctioning dominant hand? Stick to the whole 30. Thats my excuse anyway for eating a big bowl of popcorn for breakfast. I'm unable to chop vegetables, or do much cooking. Even typing this post is stressing my hand, however I can Pinterest with ease using my left hand. Today I've been pinning casual outfits for Brewier to wear to work. He's lots of fun to dress...and undress :)
Oliver is still in the hammock, this time eating his breakfast.

Megan downloaded snapchat, and Oliver made this. Watching it makes me laugh everytime; I think because of the southern accent he gave the bear.


Wednesday, June 07, 2017

I Have an ipad Injury.

It's like tennis elbow, only it is affecting my thumb and wrist, leaving my right hand too painful to use. The injury was caused by my ipad. Specifically, reading for hours on end, holding my ipad in one position. The upside of this: Brewier made me the best tasting ever, toastie for dinner while I sat and read a book on my ipad, this time however, I set it on the table rather than hold it.
Oliver is still enthralled with his hammock and is currently sitting in it and doing his math, saying all of his math problems aloud. Have I mentioned that this boy is a talker?

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Everyone is Leaving Florida.

Okay, maybe not everyone, (sorry Jessica) but how coincidental is it that our two previous homes are both for sale right now?

We lived here for seventeen years : Whittingham Dr.

We lived here for ten years: Cornwall Rd.

Our day looked like this.

Gator gave Oliver a hammock, and the boy is loving it. You know what else he loves? His many many stuffed animals. Serriously. We've tried to get him to give up a few, but he gets teary eyed thinking of losing any of them. See that little corner of the sofa without an animal? Thats the space I'm alotted.

This is how I do whole 30; a tub of guacamole eaten with a spoon.

Monday, June 05, 2017

It Was a Busy Month.

Sarahs visit was followed by a visit from Jessica and the kids, which was followed by a visit from Monica and her kids, which was followed by a visit from my brother Greg, and Gator. Saturday my brother Ken, his wife Elva, Ken's three kids and their spouses and kids stopped in Asheville on their way to a family vacation on the coast, and we all gathered at Sweeten Creek Brewery. Squeezed beteween visits was Asheville Beer Week, and we attended the Beer Alliance dinner. The evidence of that, and all the brewery and restarant visits with my house guests, now resides around my waist; so yeah, I'm going to Whole 30 it again.

Roof top yoga at Highland Brewery with Jessica.

Addison is a budding makeup artist.

I don't know who these guys are, but when asked if I could take their picture, they quickly got together and posed, as most guys drinking beer do.