Friday, March 05, 2010

Yesterday in Pictures.

Well. not all of yesterday... which is what I was planning on doing, but I got so busy I forgot to document everything.
I got up in the morning, made my coffee and headed to the craft room to work on a project.

I was supposed to be working on my papier mache bird,

but I'm kind of disappointed in how it looks, you know all lumpy and such. So I made this instead

I made an, "A," too. Hmm, who could these be for? (I'm working on another A and a D, now.)

I got hungry and went to the kitchen and made soup

Which Megan and Sarah enjoyed too. Here's where I started to forget to take pictures. Mostly because I got caught up in bottling my limoncello, which has been, "brewing," out in my garage for a couple of months.

You know what I found out...after investing $35 in pure grain alcohol, using 15 meyer lemons, 2 cups of sugar and spending an hour sterilizing bottles?

I'm not a fan of limoncello.
But its really pretty.


Linda said...

I love lemoncelo and I made my own batch once then found out that I didn't save a dime on making it plus getting the white stuff off of the peel took forever. Now I just buy it ready made and it tastes the same.

hilltopper said...

LOVE the momogram! it turned out so cute, the bird does need a little work.