Thursday, March 04, 2010

Not So Daily Observations..

Megan and I were talking about our lack of blogging yesterday, for she too feels uninspired. We think its partly due to the fact that blogging has changed so much since we started. I've had my blog nearly 7 1/2 years, (Megan has had hers even longer.) When we first started blogging hardly anyone knew what a blog was and the blogospere was a much smaller more intimate place. Now everyone has a blog and the main object seems to be how to find sponsors and make money from your blog; and it seems like a lot of blogs are started just for that purpose.
Anyhoo, through my blog I've been able to make some friends, and one of those friends flew to Orlando to visit me. Monica had left a comment on my blog a couple of years ago, and when I visited her blog, I realized I knew where she lived, and that happened to be across the (Ohio) river from where my mother in law lived. We have since become good friends and Jessica. Megan and myself all feel like we've always known her.
How good a friend you ask? She now uses all fragrance free products, and put her hair in a pony tail instead of using hair product, so I wouldn't get sick.
We both like to read, so this is how we spent her first day here.

We crafted and made jewelry.

I like that Monica felt at home enough to go through the pantry and get herself food when she was hungry.

Here she is looking like a true Floridian at the beach in the winter (it was 65.) What you can't see is all the northerners around us in their bikinis.

She got to meet Megan and Sarah, and have caramalized onion and goat cheese tart.

We also drove to Tampa to visit Jessica and go shopping. Addsion SHUNNED me, and became Monicas shadow for the day. I didn't take photos of that.


Jenn said...

I LOVE blogging too and up till now will not do it for money. I suppose if the right opportunity came along. Have a great day!

Greg Pflug said...

I believe BLOGS have become the daily newspaper with its ads and all the rest. The good part is the reader goes to check the news where its the most important, friends and family. The best part is the people I love are in the news(blogs) everyday.

hilltopper said...

so much fun! and the food! yum!

spicyapplepie said...

sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

I am fairly new to blogging, I started it because I liked the challenge of finding something to write about. So much of our lives passes by un-noticed, so it was my way of being perhaps a little more mindful!

Your blog is very interesting, don't let the creative bugs get you, (they are the ones that tell you that you have nothing to say etc etc and stop you from writing!) Just do it!

hugs from across the pond!

mrsmouthy said...

I love your intro about blogging. As a newish blogger this is the only blogland I've ever known and I really don't like it much. I used to belong to those sites where you can get introduced to other blogs and have their blogs introduced to you, and I was so disappointed with all the, "Your blog is so funny! Just stopping by from SITS!" comments. I don't think I got a single real friend from that. I have a tiny group of people now who read/comment on my blog and I couldn't be happier with them. :)