Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Too Lazy to Get Off the Sofa and Take a Picture,

But if I did you would see Monica curled up with Anne of Green Gables and a cup of coffee. Monica is a friend I met through my blog, and she flew down yesterday for a visit; her first trip to Florida. Normally by the end of February we are having gorgeous weather. Right now it is 47 and rainy, so instead of the beach, we are reading and crafting. Tomorrow we are going to drive over to Tampa and visit Jessica. I'm sure by then I'll have some pictures to post.


Sarah said...

Have fun! Wish I could be there today, but we have Maddie over and John's in Daytona at Bike Week. So glad that Monica is here!

mrsmouthy said...

How cool that you've made your virtual friends your IRL friends! I definitely want to meet some of my VFs one day but it's too scary to think about just yet.