Saturday, July 24, 2010

"This Is The Best Day Ever!"

Proclaimed Gator as he jumped into my kiddie pool.
Sam and Gator came over and spent the day with me yesterday. I had to run a few errands while they were with me, which included going to the grocery store. As we were walking by the drink section they stopped in front of the Koolaid products and started discussing how cool it would be to fill up a pool and dump a bunch of Koolaid packets into it. (I can remember fantasizing about the same thing when I was a kid.) I listened as they became more and more excited about this idea, and told them to grab 5 packages of the drink mix.
We finished up our shopping and they couldn't get out of the car and undressed fast enough. We started filling up the pool and dumping in Koolaid and sugar, then added a few packets of Smarties to liven things up.


Smarties don't float.


See the straws? It pretty much grosses me out thinking about them drinking the pool water that they were sitting naked in, but they thought it was awesome.



hilltopper said...

FUN!!! we may have to do this! clothes will be required though, no fence, ya know the neighbors already think im a little on the strange side.

~T said...

LOL!! Only at your house, T!! Abundant fun!

Vickie said...

can't stop laughing..

Mireio said...

You are the best grandma! I swear... I hope I'm as cool as you are when I get there. I'm writing this down so I remember to do it! SO MUCH FUN!

Ooh... and I can't comment as "wende from Evidently" because my google account is for Mireio. But it's me!

Kelly said...

This is the funniest post ever! EVER!


GREG PFLUG said...

Can I come by friday, get naked, and you fill the pool up with beer or margaritas??