Monday, July 26, 2010

We Will Squeeze Them In!

While I was visiting Jessica last week we decided we needed to go to Target and Starbucks, because sometimes you just have to get out of the house. The only car available to us was my two door compact car with its small backseat. It was a very tight squeeze, but Jessica was determined and made it happen. But I see a four door car in my near future.



Jessica said...

Where there's a will there's a way!

Or, where there are coffee and sales we will go!

(Looking at that picture it still hasn't completely set in that I have three kids!)

Jessica said...
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Jane said...

I remember my dad talking about getting a two door sports car for my mom when she was 50. I mentioned that they wouldn't be able to take the grandkids anywhere then.

So he bought my mom an 8 seat mini van.

hilltopper said...

good luck with that, i seem to remember being squeeshed in where Addison is sitting on a trip to the mall last spring.

Devoted Mama said...

♥ it~we women make things happen ;)