Thursday, July 08, 2010

So Now I'm Bored.

The past two weeks have been filled with activity and children; two of my most favorite things. Jessica had clay on June 21st, and we drove to Tampa and helped her out for a couple of days, came home for the weekend and then headed back to help her for another couple of days. When we came back to Orlando, I got to bring Addison with me and life was good. I'm happiest when I have kids around, (that and when I have a decorating project going,) so getting to have Addison and knowing that all of my family would be here for the 4th of July weekend, had me in high spirits. I planned meals, cooked and made decorations. I took Addison on errands with me, sat in the inflatable kiddie pool with her and snuggled with her at night. Friday, Ray Jessica, Kate and Clay arrived, then Saturday Sarah, Ethan and Megan joined the party and we had a big sleepover. Sunday morning Brewier went out and got us boxes of donuts and apple fritters, and I pulled out all of my confetti poppers to shoot at the know, start the morning of with a bang! A lot of the weekend is a blur of activity, but I do remember telling Brewier I felt like walking around the house singing, "Happy, happy, happy," Like Megan would do when she was three.
I have lots of pictures to post, but that will have to wait until I get my computer back.
In the meantime I need to find something to do. Most of the time I feel about 80 years old, sitting around my house, watching tv or reading, being busy makes me feel younger and healthier, and I'm much more productive when I don't have endless hours of free time, which I know sounds wonderful but in reality...not so much. Just like eating M&M's, every now and then they are delicious, but if thats all you had to eat every day, you really don't appreciate them.

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cant wait to see the pictures!