Monday, December 15, 2008

Remember When I Used to Blog Everyday?

Yeah, I've gotten kind of lazy, and once you start missing days it gets harder to blog. I think I'll make it my New Years resolution to once again make daily observations.

Look at this awesome pair of lamps I picked up at a sale on Saturday. They were purchased in 1953 at a high end Philadelphia department store, the name of which I forget. I think I'll put them in my Etsy shop, (I plan on putting a lot of my vintage stuff in it.)

Saturday Evening Brewier and I walked Park Ave, looking at all the lights and decorated store windows.

This art gallery had a giant Jolly Rancher hippo. Ok, it was probably glass, but it looked like candy to me. Yes, this is going at the top of my Christmas list.

This morning I took Sam and Gator to Leu Gardens. Gator cam in full cowboy regalia including a horse.

Sam dressed in green making it hard to keep an eye on him. Once he realized he was dressed in camoflage, he took great pleasure in hiding, then jumping out at me.


Georgia B. said...

no way! those lamps are awesome!!! never seen anything like them!

Jenn said...

I love the lamps. I always need lamps. Let me know what you decide to put on them. Jenn

Sarah said...

Really cool lamps!

mrsmouthy said...

But how did the hippo taste? (You DID lick it, right?)

Caroline said...

isn't that a rhino?

hilltopper said...

those kids are too funny!