Friday, September 21, 2018

We Survived.

Hurricane Florence arrived here Sunday, only it wasn't a hurricane. The system had been downgraded to a tropical storm, but we had absolutely no wind, just a slow steady rain all was kind of nice. We played Parcheesi, (something we do everyday) and just hung out in our pajamas. I worked on my journal, which has turned into a collection of stickers from all the breweries we visit, and pasted photo Christmas cards, notes and other ephemera in the book.

I moved my king sized mattress into the living room for a few days...Im not going to go into that. Oliver loved it there and gathered all the pillows from throughout the house to build a fort. He wanted the mattress to stay there, but we moved it back to the bedroom yesterday.

Brewier and I are trying to walk everyday to build up our endurance so we can hike Blood Mountain; something we haven't done for twenty years. Walking downtown is fun because we can stop in shops and say hi to friends. When we stopped in to Asheville Chocolate to visit Melissa, there was a new art installation going up. (you guys...not only is it the best chocolate in Asheville, the shop is now an art gallery too!) The photographs are stunning, my pictures do them no justice. We got to meet the artist, Benjamin Walls, who has just relocated to Asheville, because you know, thats where all the cool people live.

Do you know how intimidating it is to take a photo of a photographer? No to mention that I was pretty spazzy already from being downtown around all the fragranced tourists.

And finally, a beer I brought back from Tampa. It's a bear! With lasers shooting out of his eyes! Its also super hoppy and delicious, and Im saving two cans for you, Monica.

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