Sunday, March 24, 2019

Hell Week and All the Feelings.

Monica went home last Monday, and Sarah flew in from Orlando Wednesday morning, with John and Ethan driving up Thursday night. This was their families vacation week...and their 25th Anniversary. My friends overwhelm me with their love and I don't think I could survive this without their support.
Oliver's dad died this past week. Matthew hadn't had any contact in over six years, but it still impacted Oliver, especially since Brewier has now also abandoned him and the rest of the family. He has a lot of feelings going on for an eight year old, as he watches me cry while dismantling our home to put in storage, and tries to understand that I don't want to leave him and Megan, but have been given no choice. You can't rent a home without an income.
I've sold as much as I could, and donated several van loads to charity; the movers arrive on the 28th to put the rest in storage, though I've questioned why I'm even doing that...should I just sell everything? How do you start life over at 57?
When will my chest stop feeling like it is being crushed? can a person die from crying?

This is where we live, it's our nest of safety and comfort.

My state of being:

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