Tuesday, October 16, 2018

You're Not Seeing Double.

I'm just wearing two pairs of glasses.
Yesterday while I was measuring out millimeters, I did so by counting the grooves in the ruler by running my nail along it, then making a pencil mark by my nail. Today I put on both pairs of glasses and it was a miracle! I could SEE the millimeter marks. I ended up producing two heart books yesterday, and today I downloaded a snowflake pattern requiring 516 measurements, so Im happy I could see.

Rachel came over for brunch; we hadn't seen each other in over a year. A chunk of our time was spent talking about the crazy fast changes in Asheville. I was going today complaining, but that really wasn't what we were doing, we just discussed how different things are now compared to a few years ago, and wondered if things would slow down or collapse. (Our downtown will soon consist of just breweries, hotels and restaurants where locals can't afford to eat.)

In the afternoon Oliver and I sat on the floor attempting to disassemble a 2004 MacBook. We managed to get a few components out, but quit when we started smelling a chemical emanating from the case. As we sat there, Oliver looked out the window and softly said, "What beautiful weather." He is a boy who likes cold grey days, and the rain was a cherry on top.

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