Thursday, October 11, 2018


Listening: Hurricane Micheal is moving through and the rain pounding on my windows has had me awake since 4am.

Watching: The last thing I watched on Netflix was "Marchella". It's dark and twisty and I really enjoyed it. We don't have cable, but last night I discovered "My 600 Pound Life" online. I feel for these people being trapped in their body, but want shake their mothers, (who are often the enabler) and yell "You are killing your child!" Every enabler says the same thing, "Well, this is what they want to eat and they will be angry they don't get it." So what if they're angry? Be an adult. The same applies to parents who complain that their kids are always in front of a screen.

Eating: I did a lot of cooking yesterday and my refrigerator is stocked with chili, vegetable beef soup, roasted vegetables, and spaghetti sauce. I am however recovering from a cracker/bread eating spree. I can eat an entire loaf of french bread, or a box of crackers in a day, and have been doing so for a month. All my clothes are so tight!

Drinking: Milky tea and coffee

Reading: JFK and the Unspeakable. Why He Died and Why it Matters by James W. Douglass

Planning: I don't plan. I'm a spur of the moment, fly by the seat of my pants, person. Monica and her family will be spending next week with us and so far all I've planned is a trip to a pumpkin patch.

Doing: Cleaning out my closet* and making a list of things I need to replace. Winter boots, and trainers top the list. This will be our sixth winter in Asheville, and I have finally upgraded my thin cotton Florida pajamas, to cozy winter pj's.

Procrastinating: Making appointments to see the dentist, dermatologist and optometrist.

*Im selling my Eileen Fisher Harem (size M) pants on Ebay. I bought a pair in a smaller size (they run large) Intrested? You can look at them here.

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