Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My AliExpress Experience.

Sorry Megan, but yeah, I bought something from AliExpress, the loathsome foragers of indie artist's works. In my defense, I bought a leather handbag, though it is a dupe for an Hermes Toolbox purse. I don't feel bad at all about buying a handbag knock off, as every legit designer seems to have there own version of one Hermes bag or another.
I was unsure about buying something from the site; as it is made up of individual sellers, with Ali acting as the overlord, but the call of a bargain was too great to resist. I began by searching for luxury designer bags, then scrolled through hundreds of listings. The bag I wanted is offered by multiple companies, so I looked for the highest rated company with the best price. Once I found that I had to decide on the size and color of the bag. I chose the largest size, and from the beginning I was going to buy an orange bag (I've been trying to add more color to my life) but when I saw a dark grey bag offered, my practical side won and I chose that. Figuring out how to choose the size you want in the color you want is a bit tricky, because unlike Amazon where a photo of what you choose appears so you know you're getting what you want, Ali just adds it to your cart. Difficult, but not a big deal right?

I placed my order and waited. I was sent a notice that my order and been received, another that my bag had shipped, and one when my bag was out for delivery. This took less than four weeks, and I was pretty happy with that.
Once delivered I excitedly open my package to see if my new handbag lived up to my expectations.
It did not. Do you see the dark grey bag in the photo above? The only grey bag in the photo? Thats what I thought I was getting. What I got was this:

I went back to my order and double checked that I had ordered the dark grey. Yep. Then I clicked the tiny picture in my order and it pulled up this photo:

I guess in China, greenish taupe is the same as dark grey. My mistake.What I wasn't happy about, was that the contrasting stitching, which I really wanted, wasn't on the bag. I contacted AliEx, and sent a photo of my bag next to the photo of the bag on the sellers sight, explaining I received a bag different that the one the seller offered, and asked for a refund. (My only other course of action was to mail the bag back to China at my own expense)

Within a day AliEx got back to me, countering with a $50 refund; 2/3 the cost of the bag, and I accepted. Within 3 hours of accepting, the money was back in my Paypal account. I could have probably argued to get a full refund, but I didn't want to invest the time and I will carry the oddly colored bag anyway. as for the quality of the's decent. Better than a Micehal Kors, not as nice as Fossil. There was a slight chemical odor when I first opened the package, but it had dissipated withn a day.
If the bag works out for me, I may even buy one in another color. BTW, this is not a sponsored post, just an FYI.

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

Hmm I go to the Fossil outlet store about twenty miles away - and buy almost any bag I decide from the most disounted rack on the back wall - has narrowed me into buying a greeny teal tote (which I now LOVE) and a purple handbag which goes with more than one would think. Online trying to determine colors is really a challenge but yikes -no WAY is the bag you got in the family of grey. I tend to stick with Amazon for online - best return and guarantee policies and here in Dallas county can get one to two day delivery on many items with the Prime membership (which more than pays for itself since I even order cat food online!). Love it that you are also a pursuer of the right colored bag to carry - so many women seem stuck with those black or saddle leather colored things!!