Friday, May 18, 2018


I went to Salvation Army to buy a sofa that had been sitting there for a month and ended up bringing this Crate and Barrel bookcase home instead. I did buy the sofa; the worlds ugliest sofa, but its living outside under a tarp because it smells of Febreeze. Now, Brewier and I both sniffed it and it was fine, but the day I went back to purchase the sofa, the store smelled overwhelmingly of perfume and chemicals...I didn't connect it to the sofa, but apparently the Salvation Army ladies spray everyday. Ugh. This means Im still without furniture.
I found these books at the thrift store too. Yes, I see the irony of the Pioneer Woman and Skinny Taste lying next to each other.
My new sheets are on the bed, awaiting my weekend guest.
Are you going to watch the royal wedding tomorrow? I hadn't planned on it, but with our torrential rains, I think we may stay in for the morning, plus I've been watching BBC for the past couple of days; they've had back to back programming of past royal weddings, and now I feel I must watch tomorrows.

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