Thursday, August 03, 2017

Slow Days

I stayed home all day yesterday, with my major accomplishment being the reorganizing of our hall closet where I keep most of my craft supplies. It was long overdue, but what really spurned me on is that the closet smells like something died in there. Even after cleaning, it still has that funky odor. Something is up with this house. When it rains, water pours in the downstairs window, even though it has been repaired several times. Nobody, including us, can figure out where the water is coming from. My bedroom smells strongly of mold...can't figure out where that is coming from either.
Today was our "drive and hour to Costco to buy 20 pounds of coffee" day, but not before fueling ourselves at Izzys.

Why play with the Lego when you can sit in the lego bin, watch a movie and eat lunch?



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