Thursday, August 17, 2017

In the Past Two Weeks, I've

Gone hiking up to Craggy Pinnacle,and along the Blue Ridge Parkway, visited Asheville's' Riverbend Malt House, drove to Florida to see Jessica, visited a new brewery, visited a Tesla showroom (I'm sold), saw my middle brother, hugged my grandchildren, went to Jessicas favorite coffee shop, "Degage", came home and realized I've put on about 20 pounds these past 6 months. You've heard of beachbody? Well I have beer body. I've made a commitment to start the Whole30 on September 20th.

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

wow your family does grow some gorgeous girls and adorable grandbabies! yeah that 20 lbs. I've added that much since remarrying 3 years ago - it is NOT a pretty thing and makes me upset with myself. BUT good for you on returning to your clean eating program! and stay out of the beer places - SO tempting with all the cool small breweries around - just hang out with your Brewier (ha ha?0