Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I Give Up!

Over the past couple of months I have purchased and returned, (I love you Nordstrom!) three dozen pairs of shoes/boots. That is no exaggeration, and may even be on the conservative side. The same goes for bras. The inconsistency in sizing, even within the same brand, drives me crazy. The next time you see me, there is a good chance I will be barefoot and braless.
Also driving me crazy is my weight and how easily I gain it. My doctor had me do DNA testing to see if we could discover the cause of my bizarre health issues and physiology. Nothing showed up, in fact I tested negative for every genetically carried disease; only one test came back positive and that is the gene that causes you to put on weight faster and more easily than other people. FOR REAL.
Megan isn't the only one who got a haircut. Monica cut mine while she was here last week. I don't think I've ever had it this short...it works for me.
Oliver memorized Acts 16:31 this morning, and I told him I'd give him a nickel for everyone he recited it to. (We go to Brewiers work place every Tuesday for Oliver to visit Miss Dana, an octogenarian and former missionary). He must have mentioned my bribe/reward to Miss Dana, because she gave him a quarter.

My sweetie hard at work.

New Eileen Fisher wrap pants, and a new haircut. The older I get, the More I like Eileen Fisher. Yes the clothes are loose and flowy and geared toward the more "mature" woman, but they always fit, and are so comfortable.

"Maemae, take our picture because we look so cute!"


Elizabeth said...

You look fab in your Eileen Fisher pants! I want those hahah. The weight this is annoying isn't it. I feel like I'm trying to control portions and keep busy, but feel gigantic all of sudden. The older we get, I hear it is just hard to keep off or even lose weight. Right now I'm so lucky with the shoe situation. We get 60% off of one pair of shoes every month at Anthropologie, so I can go in to back of house and try on a zillion shoes and get a great deal on them.
Oh, and you hair cut looks really cute! I have gone the opposite of your cut and my hair is really long right now. None of my family members want me to cut it!!

Linda Sue McKinney said...

I have a closet full of Eileen Fisher! yes I am an older woman (not very mature but I'm hoping after I turn 70 I'll grow up a bit more) and those clothes just wear forever, are classic in style and so stinkin' comfortable! Just hit the sales racks at Nordstrom and Dillards - score! They are forgiving of my up and down weight and I can wash them - what's not to love.
you are looking fabulous in that picture - rocking the short hair and wrap pants - too cute. Fun when you chat about fashion and love the pictures of your beautiful family