Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fun Times.

Friday night dinner at the Biltmore with these sweet friends.

Monica and her brood arrived Sunday, and are spending the week with us. Today we hiked up to Craggy Pinnacle; three year old Rosalie was a trooper and did the whole trail.

Yesterday we stayed home for the eclipse. Yes, we were just an hour away from totality, but we decided 99.3% was good enough for us. I'm glad we stayed home, despite the fact that giant trucks showed up and started paving the road next to my house as soon as the eclipse started. We kicked back and had a great eclipse experience, and found out that it was cloudy downtown and in the path of totality. I was really excited about seeing the crescent shadows, and the wiggly, "snake" shadows.

Colanders make a great substitute for pinhole cameras.

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