Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Things I've Learned This Year.

Shaving is better than waxing. After my waxing injury, where I pulled skin off of my cheek as well as hair, I recieved a message from a friend, whose smooth flawless complexion I've always admired. She shared with me that she shaves her face. I watched youtube videos on shaving, and read an article talking about how Japanese women have shaved their faces for hundreds of years. I clicked on over to Amazon and ordered my specialty razors, and have been shaving my face once a week ever since. It also has the added benefit of exfoliating my aging face. Just be careful while shaving between your eyebrows. Twice now I've slipped and removed a third of my inner brow.

I can cut my own hair, and it looks ok.

Being invisible isn't as awesome as I thought it would be. Growing up I always thought being invisible would be a fantastic super power to have; keep in mind I'm an (extroverted) introvert. If school got to overwheming, I could fade out, if any of my younger brothers were bothering me, poof! I'd be gone. When I hit 50, my dream of becoming invisible came true, but not the way I expected.

Have you noticed that when you spay or neuter your pet (we had cats), no matter how acitve they are their bellies get big and soft? Menopause has had the same effect on me.

FInding stylish clothes that fit is nearly impossible. I follow a lot of fashion bloggers on Instagram and Pinterest, (most of them are over 55), looking for help and inspiration. These ladies all have great style, look fantastic, and have links to the clothing pieces they are wearing...they are also very slim with little to no chest. I went to several different stores looking for and trying on the reccomended clothing items, and it was if I had gained 20 pounds, because everything hangs from my boobs; tunic's and floaty tops are not my friend. I am living in t-shirts and stretchy skirts, just as I have for the past three sumers.
I was so excited to find this DVF dress that was raved about on a fashion forum I belong to. It was supposed to be perfect for my large busted, now apple shaped body. The shoulders, waist and hips fit beautifully. The dressing room attendent suggested I just pin the top together; I may I snorted when she said that. Brewier suggested I start a fashion blog for similarly shaped ladies entitled, "Everything Hangs From My Boobs." All I get is a mental picture of nursing babies dangling from my chest.

If Megan or Brewier ask me if I'm alright, (after a chemical/fragrance exposure) instead of snapping, "Yes." I need to realize that if they are asking, then I'm not myself, and I am not okay. It took my five minutes to write that sentence, because I was exposed to fabric softener this afternoon. Every word was misspelled, and some were out of order.

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September said...

I love your blog. People don't blog like this anymore. It's all about clicks and advertising revenue and pinterest pins.
Thanks for sharing your life.
Know what I learned this year?
There are some good guys left, after ten years of being single and sure that I would be alone forever.
Clean, decluttered, simple spaces energize me and not just at home. I did a huge cleanout in my office and I feel more productive. Who knows if I actually am or not.
Being somewhat fit is so much work for a body like mine. It's just an uphill battle and I better make peace with that. UGH.
Kombucha grows on a person, though I'm somewhat confused how it can be good for me with the quantity of sugar that goes into it. I like it was chunks of ginger in it and have been trying to drink 1.5 cups a day. I wonder if the health benefits are real or mostly in my head.
I'm glad I don't live somewhere that it's regularly 35 degrees or warmer. It's too hot for me. Thank you, Canada, for mostly being cool or downright cold.