Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Things I've Learned This Past Week.

Summer is for relaxing, no matter what your age.

If you start walking around the Biltmore, in a restricted area, (behind the castle), the estate police will find you and escort you back to the public area.

I love reading cookbooks, but I'm not much of a cook. However, I am a great baker and can set a pretty table.

Sometimes you can find the perfect lamp at the thrift store... $8!

Listening to Mike and Amy, while drinking beer and eating hotdogs is still one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday night.

Could the sky BE any more beautiful? I guess if there were no power lines it could be.

Every letter of the alphabet is important. Where R you?

After inviting friends over for brunch and serving them plain scrambled eggs, I tried making a frittata. It was delicious, and now I have something I can cook for the next time they visit.


MrsMouthy said...

You live such a beautiful life. Or more precisely, I think you're just one of those people who makes life beautiful, wherever you are!

Linda Sue McKinney said...

OK I am a very good cook but my tables don't look all that gorgeous I think - so we need to combine talents EH? Sorry but that picture of Oliver on the sofa - a tiny bit creepy - seeing him so still is just odd - he seems to be full of energy, activity and good humor!
You do appreciate the beauty of your life - a great quality in anyone. God has given us so much beauty in every moment if we just open our eyes and hearts to His gifts. Well done ladybug!