Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Week is Too Long.

I thought blogging once a week would be easier. It's not. Too many photos and activities to squeeze into one post...I get overwhelmed. Megan has started micro-blogging on Fb; four photos capturing the who, what, and where, of each day. I think I will try that here.
Last weekend Brewier and I drove up to Independence VA, to look at and photograph a house my brother was interested in buying. The house was a bust, but the drive up was beautiful. From Independence we drove to Abingdon, VA, stopping in Damascus, when we spotted a brewery. Again, I can't believe our hobby has become visiting breweries, I guess thats what happens when your knees hurt too much to hike. The drive between the two towns is very rural and scenic, and the road is lined for miles and miles with Christmas tree farms. I was especially happy when we came upon the Appalachian Trail, because there are no bathrooms in rural VA, and I am a well hydrated person.
Once in Abingdon, we drove through town which I want to go back and explore sometime soon, then on to our destination, Wolf Hills Brewing, where they serve a very generous, omg we should have split one, flights. And because things come in threes, Tuesday night we joined the Asheville Brewers Alliance for a tasting at one of our newer breweries, Hillman. Very good beer and very nice owners, Brandi and Grieg Hillman. Yesterday was our Beehive coffee day; we are always so happy to see Sophie. She and I were wearing the same shirt, and we each thought of the other as we put it on in the morning.
I went to visit Brewier and as I was walking up the stairs I saw these two little racoons on his steps. I thought it was odd that they were sleeping there, and sure enough the next day animal control had to be called to remove them because they had rabies.
Oliver has started cleaning and organizing the house, all on his own, He made my bed, (and I resisted the urge to fix it) and arranges the pillows and throw on the sofa, they way he thinks it should be.


Linda Sue McKinney said...

I like Oliver's aesthetic on where the pillows should be - he has an eye for these things! LOL what a unique young man he is. You look Mahlvelous in that shorts and t-shirt outfit on Appalachian Trail - rocking the casual stylish look. Interesting hobby and oh my goodness yes that flight is a LOTTA beer! Sad about the raccoons - pesky little creatures but rabies is a vile disease.
Smaller frequent blogs will be good - oh and your Megan is so lovely - just realized I rarely say anything about how pretty your girls are!

Gail Hanlon said...

I was thrilled to find your blog after you visited mine, I love hearing about days out and seeing photos. The raccoons look very cute, although I suspect they are anything but! Gail x