Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sunrise, Sunset.

We see them both from our back deck, which is pretty amazing. The sunrise reflects on the clouds in the morning, then in the evening, we see the sunset. Its beautiful and different every night.
These are unedited photos, as most of my pictures are, because I'm lazy, and because my iphone and Macbook are not speaking to each other, so photos aren't uploading.

I spent the morning cutting up two of Brewiers discarded dress shirts, with plans to make a summer bunting. Recycled crafting makes me so happy and serene.

I was asked how I cut the back of my hair. I purchased a 1.5 inch cutting guard that fits on the clippers I use for Brewier and Olivers hair. I just blindly run it up the back of my head. If you can't tell by now, I have no hair attachment issues.

We had a new momma bear and her little baby cub scouting out our blueberry bushes.

And this Tom turkey, in all of his puffed up magnificence, was trying to woo the lady turkey who spends her days in our yard. She seemed very disinterested, which made him puff up even bigger, and pursue her with greater vigor. Young ladies take note.


Just Me said...

So impressed you can cut the back of your hair.

Your views are so beautiful.

Linda Sue McKinney said...

beautiful views and interesting the mama bear has a collar - cool turkey pics - and one can do almost anything with the right tools - that 1 1/2 inch blade guard is just right for super short pixie