Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let the Summer Fun Begin.

Today felt like a true summer day, the kind I remembered as a kid and when my girls were young; something just felt special about it. Megan made us breakfast while Oliver and I drug a mattress into the living room, to use as a trampoline during the day, and to use as a bed for family campout night this evening.
Something I realized as a homeschooling mom, was that I never did alot of summer activities, mostly because we did special things year round, and Florida is too hot in the summer to be outside. Impromtu field trips, late night movies, nature walks, etc, were all apart of our regular routine. Now that we live in a climate that allows us to enjoy the outdoors, I wanted to have a summer checklist of special activities for Oliver. This morning we went on a nature scavenger hunt, and my friend Monica and her kids, who live in KY, did the hunt too, then we got on facetime to compare our finds. Not on the list, are the dozen very special "crystal" rocks Oliver collected, and scrubbed clean. He loves rocks and sang about how he could not resist their beauty and must have them all. I made him stop when the bag started getting heavy.
We are now in our pj's, laying around and watching Octonauts. As Oliver keeps telling me, It was a very good day.

As we walked by our house Oliver stopped and in awe, commented, "Look at our beautiful home."

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

does sound like a very good day - busy and fun - great combo