Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I'm Not Twenty Five.

I'd been looking forward to last Saturday for quite awhile. My favorite Asheville band, Lyric, was playing at the newly created Expand Fest, a semi replacement for the defunct Belle Chere festival, which had become to large and unruly for Asheville. Saturday morning we did our usual, stop and get coffee at Izzy's and walk around downtown. This time our walk led to Chocolate Gems, the chocolatier for the Biltmore estate, and now owned by our friends Zack and Mellisa. Not only are their chocolates out of this world, but Zack made me the best cappuccino I've ever had. There plans are to expand and rebrand the shop, and Melissa has asked me for ideas, on the interiors and the display windows...it's like giving me a shot of adrenaline. So. Much. Fun.
Greg and Gator rolled into town at lunchtime, and we met up with them at Luella's, for a quick bite before they hit the road again.
We drove out to the Salvation Army, our usual Saturday destination, but it was a bust...nothing new. At four o'clock, we went downtown, and miracle of miracles, were able to find a parking space. It was a good half mile from the festival, but I like walking. After checking out all the vendors and happenings, that took over the south slope, we went into the woderfully cool, airconditioned, Catawba Brewery, and even scored seats at the bar, (where you get served faster, which was good, since the place was packed and the line was out the door.) We kept those seats until Lyric took the stage at 5:30. For the next hour and a half, we stood in the very hot sun, swaying and listening to amazing music.
The day was not yet over, as we hiked back to the car and drove to Sweeten Creek Brewery, were our favorite local duo, Mike and Amy, were playing. We were there until 9pm, and we didnt get to bed until 11pm.
Sunday, I will refer to as the day of the living dead. I was sunburned, my eyes were gritty and my mouth dry from standing in a dusty parking lot for and hour and a half, my legs hurt...I did not feel good, I felt every one of my 55 years.


Linda Sue McKinney said...

yeah it happens that way - doing stuff thinking hey I'm doing it - it is fun and no problem - the next morning - oh my goodness, going to take some serious antioxidants and hydration to get going now!

Elizabeth said...

I can so relate to feeling all of my 54 years! I worked this weekend and they gave me three back to back bridal appointments. I normally only stand around and chat with people and occasionally sell the accessories, but they are now short staffed and have given me appointments with bridesmaids and sometimes a bride. By the end of my short 4 hour shift, I felt dead on my feet. I laughed as a mother of a bride, thought I was in my late thirties! It's become a running joke now with my family. They always ask me how old I was today at work. I only wish I FELT like I was in my thirties!!