Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I Ate the Berries.

Sunday we went blackberry picking at a commercial farm nearby, each of us picking a gallon of berries. Now, I knew that the berries weren't organic, but the fact we didn't see a single bug, or evidence of bugs, should have been a warning. I came home and ate a pint of blackberries...bad idea. I've been sick and feeling much like I did when we lived in Orlando, poisoned by the pesticides.
Brewier and I went to the VIntage Flea Market and I bumped into artist, (and my brother Greg's friend,) Tracy Melton. I've admired his work for years, maybe you saw him on Martha Stewart? I was so excited to be able to purchase one of his tree ring paintings.

This light was gigantic, and we were very tempted to buy it, but $225?!

Brewier found this old pocket watch fob at the thrift store.

This guy rocked the paisley shirt and velvet pants.


Elizabeth said...

I really don't get why they would have to spray those berries! When I lived farther north along the coast, blackberries grew wild everywhere, they never seemed bothered by any bug pest.

Linda Sue McKinney said...

Such a colorful area in which y'all live - interesting and quirky seem to be major qualities of life around Asheville - sorry about the berries - we all tend to do that - I know I can't tolerate X but think - well this isn't exactly X so I'll try it and then I pay the price - shame because those are gorgeous berries!