Friday, June 30, 2017

Boys of Summer.

Oliver went to his first baseball game this week, the Asheville Tourists, vs. the Greenville something or other. We lasted three innings, then happily went home and put on our pj's. I later found out the game went ten innings with the Tourists winning. Observing the other people at the game, I came to the realization that very few actually come to watch the players. Most attendees were there to eat drink and socialize with friends.
We've been doing some crafting this week; Oliver made himself this robot t-shirt, and I am making pom poms. I bought this nifty pom pom maker on Amazon, and it works great. The yarn I'm using is very thick and silky, and I'm starting to look like a sheep dog from all the trimmings. I'm not yet sure what I will use the poms for, but I'm having fun making them.


Just Me said...
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Just Me said...

The author will now post her previous comment with correct spelling. :-)

The T-Shirt is great, Oliver! Great job!!!

MrsMouthy said...

That boy and that shirt...way too cute!