Thursday, May 11, 2017

Not Fair!

My kids used to say that a lot, and I would reply, "Life isn't fair. Get used to it." I'm trying to come to terms with that myself right now. Brewier who is 66, went for his annual checkup this week. He eats what he wants, does no regular exercise, (though he walks a lot with his job, and as he told his Dr, he walks from brewery to brewery) and isn't on meds. His blood work results would be the envy of any 30 year old. He is in excellent health. I exercise, I drink much less, eat fairly healthy, am eleven years younger, and yet I am on three meds, have less than enviable blood work, and am fighting to not become diabetic. I'm extremely happy to have a healthy husband...but its not fair!
Brewier has taken off work for the past couple of days, and today we went to Sycamore Flats,in Brevard. The water was too cold to wade in, so we were only there a short time. Brewier took my picture, and Im wearing my new floaty and what I thought was a slimming dress. How wrong I was. Anything that is loose fitting, hangs from the largest part of my body, (my bust) and makes the rest of me look gigantic. When will I learn?

Yesterday I gave Brewier, Oliver and myself haircuts. I bought a 1.5 inch clipper gaurd, and shaved a good portion of my head with it. I'm still deciding whether or not I like what I did, since it makes my incredibly small head look even smaller. Cutting your own hair...not so easy.


Amy said...

Tricia, you look great in that dress! It comes back in from your bust and you look perfectly slim!

Linda Sue McKinney said...

you are VERY hard on yourself and your appearance - you look much younger and definitely are more attractive than the "average" woman over shall we say 35? anyhow -you are a very attractive woman - yeah that whole men and their hormones versus our body chemistry kinda stinks doesn't it? but I'm grateful my hubby is stronger and less prone to minor health upsets 'cause I've got both our shares!
I'm sure the haircuts are good and yes cutting your own hair is challenging - I used to maintain my own hairstyle and let's say - it was not really a style as much as shorter!

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Linda, don't be so hard on yourself! You look great. YES, it's totally not fair with the health deals :(