Monday, April 03, 2017

This Is Not Baloo.

The mama bear and her cub came back, and unlike the other bears I have encountered, this one is not shy, or afraid of people. I was home alone yesterday afternoon, (Brewier wisely shut the kitchen door, which I had open, before he left so bears couldn't get in) and heard noises by our garage. I looked out the window and there was the bear, and this is the healthiest, glossy coated, most beautiful bear I 've ever seen. I yelled at her through my open window, convinced she'd run like all the other bears, but instead she got up on her two rear legs, and reached up the side of the house to my window. I quickly closed my window and moved away from it. A few minutes later I went out to our second story deck to see if she had left. She had not and when she saw me on the deck, she got up on her hind legs again, reaching up as if to climb the deck, something bears are quite capable of doing. I got inside and locked my door, and listened while she tried to knock down my garage door. I've always been cautious around the bears, but never really frightened, but this one scares me.

This was taken from the second story window.


Linda Sue McKinney said...

get a cap pistol and make some serious noise - wild animals are just that - wild animals and without a fear of humans become much greater possibility of unpleasant interaction. Be careful friend -

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