Thursday, April 06, 2017

They'll Be Home Tomorrow.

Megan and Oliver have been in Florida for the past week; I opted to stay home. I haven't been home alone for six years, and was wondering how I would fare. While I am an introvert, I'm one that likes contact with extroverted introvert. Yes, it is a thing. The verdict: I like being home alone. It took me a couple of days to get used to it, and on one sunny 75 degree day I got a bit sad, but it was only because I had nobody to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather with. I didn't accomplish anything big during my free time, I tidied closets and drawers, learned how to make orgami stars, cleaned the kitchen (and it has stayed that way) and listened to music whenever I wanted.
Recently I've been asking myself where my creativity has gone; I used to paint, draw, craft, all the time, and I miss it. Being at home all by myself has made me realize that to be creative and accomplish things, I need big chunks of alone time.

Today I spent the morning ironing Brewiers shirts, and binge watching a show on Netflix called, "Life in Pieces." It's pretty funny. (Megan, I think you'd appreciate episode two)

Yesterday I looked out my window and saw a bobcat in our driveway. Despite the fact snow is predicited for tomorrow, it is spring and the animals are out and about.

Brewier put up a new chandelier for me. There had been an old ceiling fan above the table, with plastic, drooping fan blades, and it was driving me crazy. I found this industrial/glam fixture on Ebay, and while it is a bit on the small side, I love it.

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