Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I Didn't Quit.

I'm still here...attempting to blog...

Spring has arrived and it is beautiful. The tulips Ray and Brewier planted at Christmas are out in their full glory, and the trees are loaded with blossoms; so beautiful. Kids came over to visit and play, and the bears even made an appearence for them. We've walked around the Biltmore, and downtown, stopping to eat and drink. On one stop I found an artists print taped to a wall, free for the taking, so I took it. Free art all around town. It's a thing. Another thing... Oliver likes pretty food and drinks, so I try to make him something special everyday. Thats it, but I will be back tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

It seems like we are kind of on the same blog path! I finally got around to posting my Easter day! So many blogs are dropping like flies hahah. I think the only ones other than ours that are current is Alicia's over at "Posie gets Cozy!"
The tulips are gorgeous! I always want to get out and plant some then forget :( The last time I did plant a zillion of them, was in my yard in France. The people that live there now should have an amazing spring show each year!

Linda Sue McKinney said...

Fun assortment of pictures - the fancy food for O is cool - and free art - right up your alley! Was wishing I had your talents to plan a new decoration for our mantel - had to at last take down the Easter mantel which I just loved! Now to find right collection of "thangs" to work in around white branches I use as the base for decorating.
anyhow - glad you are back and always enjoy your beautiful wanderings around quirky Asheville