Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Regrets...I've had a Few.

It's part of aging; realizing there are things you would have liked to have done and things should have done differently.

I wish I had been braver, and more of an adventurer. Rock climbing, traveling, camping, sky diving, and exploring this country and others. People tell me, "Do those things now!" I would if I could, but this body of mine won't allow it.

I never finished college, and I've never really worked. I could benefit from some life experience.

Not playing a musical instrument. I took guitar lessons when I was 12 or 13, and I really enjoyed them until the music shop gave me a new instructor. I showed up for lessons one day after school and sat for at least an hour waiting for my teacher to come and get me. Finally the store manger asks if I'm waiting for Joe, then proceeds to tell me he got married and joined the army. Mr Cinderella is my new teacher. Yes that was his real name, and he was very Liberace-esque, and not very nice. I quit after a few lessons. If I had it to do over again I would play the cello. Currently Im trying to teach myself the ukelele, without much success. I'm pretty sure Im tone deaf, and I know for sure that I can't carry a tune.

I'm reading a book called, "Life is a Verb, 37 Days to Wake Up. Be Mindful And Live Intentionally." (I've had the book for years and pick it up occasionally and skim through it) In the prologue in bold type, the author asks, "What would I be doing today if I only had thirty-seven days to live?"

I realized I wouldn't be chasing after my list of regrets. I would spend those last days, just as I spend everyday. With my family. Playing games with Oliver, sitting around the table, eating and talking, taking walks together, because that is what I love and enjoy most. Once again I realize, I live a charmed life, not a regret filled one.


Linda Sue McKinney said...

well I sure wouldn't be fretting over the decorations on mantel for spring/Easter if I had 37 days to live. We are leaving on a cruise to eastern and southern Caribbean on Saturday - that would stay on the agenda. 37 Days would put me around Easter this year - OK that would be classy. I've worked and have a college degree and done some wild and crazy things (white water rafting class 4 rapids, zip lining, downhill skiing) but you know - it is those we love and who love us -and ladybug you have hit the jackpot in that category!

Vickie said...

The only regret I really have is I would love to be debt free but living for 6 years with cancer can really dry up any savings or chance of savings. Other than that I would have been a better Mom and wife. I love my family and they love me that's the biggest blessing of all. I get to spend time with them everyday
- another blessing. Oh! I would live in North Carolina, near you. Wouldn't that be fun! You are definitely blessed! I am like you very grateful!