Sunday, March 05, 2017

No One Cares What You Had for Lunch.

It's a book by Margaret Mason, published back in 2007; the glory days of blogging. I just bought it, in hopes of jazzing up my blog posts. There are 100 ideas on what to write about and Im going to work my way through the book.
Ten years ago, blogging was my life line while I was bedridden and rarely left my house. My blog had about 150 regular readers visiting daily, and commenting. (Remeber commenting? Bloggers live for that.) I crave social contact, and this was how I got it; I've since become IRL friends with some of these people.
Why am I rehashing this? Because as always, after my influx of house guests, I'm missing regular contact with friends and sliding down that slippery slope of depression, and hoping to make contact with people through my blog once again.


Linda Sue McKinney said...

yeah I liked that aspect of blogging back in the day - now so called "social media" seems to have overcome bloggers - hitting a Like button instead of saying something. Sorry about the depression dragon sneaking back up on you - I'm more of a loner than you seem to be but blessed I can go out in crowds most anywhere and not be made ill.
We're still out here - I check in regularly but alas don't always comment - sorry

J said...

I've always looked forward to reading your posts;stories about your family, decorating projects, fashion adventures- so many insights to which women of our generation can relate. My attempts to blog just never found legs, maybe some day when life is less hectic, but your creative outlet is a source of real enjoyment to me and so many others.

Amy said...

Social media is just so quick, I think people think they don't have time for longer forms of communication! It is sad, because it is a matter of priorities; we make time for things that are really important to us. I mean to blog more, but often just put it off.

ramblin'andie said...

Well, I'm an IRL friend of Jane's from Right Coast/Left Coast or whatever your photographic collaboration was called, and I've been reading for years. I don't think I've ever commented but I love reading about your life. I try to blog (mainly because my son has asked me to continue the record of his life so that if he's ever famous, his biography will already be complete) but I'm a feast or famine sort of blogger :)

September said...

I have been reading for years too and I always enjoy your posts. It'll be fun to read along as you go through the 100 ideas! I might use some on my blog. For awhile Wordpress had daily suggestions for blogs and I really enjoyed them. What would you do with $10,000, what is a favorite memory, etc.
Yeah, blogs have changed from ten years ago but yours is still real - a peak into someone else's life and it's funny how you start to feel like friends.
Hang in there!
For the record, I would use the $10k for a bombs out totally killer crack is whack trip to Vegas to see Celine Dion and George Strait. SWOON. If a man talked to me like he sings I would take him home, no questions asked. This comment is turning into a trainwreck. I should go.
In conclusion, you're wonderful. I enjoy reading about your life. Thank you for sharing Tricia.