Thursday, March 09, 2017

Mental Health Day.

Brewier took a mental health day yesterday; things have been really hectic and busy at work. We've been trying to get back to Waynesville, and Boojum Brewery for over a year now, and yesterdays blue skies and warm temperatures made for the perfect day. We ate lunch at Boojum, walked around town, sampled beer at two other local breweries, (yay! Two more to cross off my list) found a thrift shop to visit, then went back to Boojum for dinner. The off duty bartender was sitting at the bar next to us with a list of new cocktail recipes. He had the girl behind the bar mix up a few, and was kind enough to share them with me. Im not a cocktail drinker, but these were all beer based and delicious. Yes, it was a lovely day. Yes, I'm once again on day one of the whole 30.

That rock in the background makes it look like Brewier has a really long chin.

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