Sunday, March 19, 2017

It's Been One Week

(Bare Naked Ladies)

Its been over a week since I took my unintentional blog break. The weather was snowy, freezing cold, extremly windy, and I was still mourning my friends all living in other states and not here. I had started the Whole 30, (which I will start again tomorrow,) and the only thing I was doing online was watching Youtube videos (you can learn anything on youtube) perusing Ebay, and returning wigs that I purchased on Amazon. Blonde wigs and grey wigs to not look good on me. I am still in awe of Monique, and the chameleon that she is. Last week she wore a lavender wig that looks fantastic on her...I think pretty much anything would look great on her.

This is me just out of bed; my hair looks like this every morning. If I could use product, I would style my hair this way, despite Brewier telling me that it looks like Im channeling Lyle Lovett.

The tragic grey wig.

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