Friday, March 31, 2017

Before Another Week Goes By

Lorelei Ipa was my fave, followed by Molly's Lips. Brewier likes the Native Violet. There is no boring beer in Asheville.

I commented on what a delicious looking drink the woman next to me was sipping on. She offered me a taste, then gave me my own glass. It's grapefruit juice, St Germains, and a squeeze of lime. As the guy sitting with the woman said, "Its like sunshine filling your soul."

Last weekend was pretty busy. Oliver started soccer, we went to a pop up art show for Tara McPhereson, visited a new brewery, where I was given a drink by a stranger...which is happening a lot these days, saw friends from Jessicas camp days, and were visited by a very healthy and large mama bear, while cleaning out the garage.

1 comment:

Linda Sue McKinney said...

While you were cleaning out the garage or the mama bear was cleaning out the garage??? Bears are known for their organizational skills - can clear an entire campground in 45 seconds or less
yeah right - April Fool's!
Busy week indeed - you sound happier.