Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Greetings From the Household of Sickness.

Yes, we are all sick. Ugh. Tomorrow is my starting date for the Whole 30, but I haven't been able to do much prep because I feel crummy and haven't been shopping. Instead I have watched countless hours of wig videos on Youtube. Want to know something about wigs? I'm sure I can tell you. I've learned that a good portion of the female population, and just about any celebrity you see, are sporting hair that is not their own. I'm thinking of joining thier ranks. I've always had short dark hair. No color, no highlights, no product. Wigs could change all of that! So yeah, thats how I've been spending the precious hours of my life these past few days.

This little guy was sick his entire visit, but that didn't stop us from going to the Biltmore. Despite it being winter, everything is blooming! Such crazy warm weather we've been having.

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