Sunday, February 05, 2017

And Now Your Weekend Update.

Purple tulips make me happy. Thank you Jennifer!

Brewier has the flu. I'm praying I don't get it, because Sarah is flying in for a visit next weekend.

I cleaned out my lingerie draw and ordered a weeks worth of new panties. Why do I have so much trouble throwing out my old undies? Shouldn't I save them in the back of a drawer incase of a zombie apocolypse?

I shaved my face. Yes, I really did. A friend read about my horrifying waxing experience and sent me a message saying that she shaves her face, (she has a beautiful complexion,) and included a link to this video. I immediatly went to Amazon and purchased the Twinkle razor...a twelve pack. My face is baby smooth. Saggy, but baby smooth.

Jennifer and Gabe invited us over for dinner. On the menu, Puerto Rican pork, beans and rice. It was the best thing I've eaten in months. SO. GOOD. I could eat beans and rice everyday, they are my favorite food. After dinner we played Bananagrams. I love games.

I need a new phone. Mine rarely rings, takes blurry photos, and has a battery life of an hour and a half. I priced out a new iphone, and holy moly! $900! Are you kidding me? My iphone5 has a trade in value of $36. Oh Apple, how sad you have become.

Breakfast beer. It does exist, and this is so delicious. I could never drink it for breakfast though, as I would have to go back to bed. Caffiene is still my drug of choice.

Fish Tacos! I had been looking forward to them all week. Brewier was too sick to go, but Megan and her purse full of puzzles joined me. FYI, puzzles are a great way to meet people.

I'm working on an art piece, trying to get my creativity back. I pulled a bunch of paint chip samples, acame home, cut them apart, and glued them to a piece of cardboard. After doing so I realized they were the same colors as this bracelet. I havent worn it in years, but keep it becasue I love the colors.

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