Monday, January 30, 2017

We Belong.

When I tell friends that we belong to the Asheville Brewers Alliance, nobody is surprised. Beer and beer culture has become our thing; I'd like to try home brewing.  Yesterday the alliance met at Greenman Brewery, for a tour, beer education, and of course lots of sampling. We smelled the different hops, tasted the grains that make up the mash; it was all pretty interesting.  What blew my mind though, was when we were informed that the bourbon barrels used to age and flavor some of the beers, cost $1000, each! When I lived in Ky, they were like $20 each, and people would cut them in half and use them as planters.

Monique has posted another video, and if you're interested, you can see the clip they filmed in our kitchen. Watch the whole video, or fast forward to 10:55. (But really, watch the whole thing, she is very entertaining)

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Elizabeth said...

The beer outing looks so fun. You would love going to Germany and drinking their beers. I think those are my favorite style. There is a brewery in Berkeley called Trumer Pils that I LOVE, and our German expat friends will only drink that because it reminds them of home.

The video was fun!