Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It Only Took Two Years.

We bought this dresser a couple of years ago at our local Hospice thrift store. It's a beautiful well made piece, and the wood finish was in pretty good shape, but the previous owner must have been a heavy smoker, because despite all of our vinegar wipe downs, and sitting it in the sun for days, the smoke odor remained, so I didn't feel too bad covering up the lovely wood with paint. The color I chose is the same color I had my kitchen wall painted in our last home, and I'm really happy with it. Brewier sanded and painted it in August? September? and it has been curing and out gassing ever since. This past weekend we brought it into the dining room, and its perfect.
The olive tree in the corner is new too. Yes, it is fake, because I am the killer of all green things.

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