Thursday, January 05, 2017

I Can't Really Call It Work.

This morning I started moving furniture around; one of my favorite activities. Moving every year or two makes me itchy for change, thats my excuse anyway. Once our Christmas tree came down and the twinkle lights were put away, the house looked rather sad, so I pulled out a strand and put them along the book cases, and the cabinet that was in the dining room is now along the living room wall. I had planned on styling the bookcases, but Oliver has been "helping me all day." Despite how bright my house looks, it has been a very grey day, with the promise of snow tomorrow. We haven't mentioned this to Oliver though, just incase it doesn't happen.

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

can't change placement much in our living room - things fit where they fit! Fun to change up our surroundings - I've been doing it with more things on walls and trying different arrangements on mantel. Enjoy and better y'all get the snow than me - I Do Not Like Cold Weather - we don't get much here in Texas and I tend to grumble and hibernate -