Thursday, January 26, 2017

Birthday's, FIlming, and The Biltmore.

This past week has been so busy and fun filled! We celebrated Olivers sixth birthday on Friday, (his other grandma was here for that) and Brewier's 66th on Saturday. During that time Brewier was having the time of his life, acting in another campy monster movie, Jack vs. Lanterns. You can watch the first film, Lumber vs. Jack, HERE.
Yes, it gets mixed reviews on Amazon, I don't think everyone understands that it is camp...and filmed by one guy. (I'm going to do a seperate post on him, if he doesnt mind)
Anyway, a couple of scenes were shot at our house, so Oliver got to reconnect with his Hollywood gal pals, (Michelle Prenez and Jennifer Wenger) who he hung out with a couple of years ago; they are so sweet with him, and played Mario Brothers with him inbetween scenes.  Me, I got to meet my Youtube idol, Monique Parent. She plays Brewiers trophey wife in the film. Can I just tell you how gracious she is? She filmed a scene at our house, fragrance free, then hung out and drank wine with us. The following day she went with Brewier and me to the Biltmore, and let me take photos of her with her finger up the lions nose. She is truly delightful, and even more beautiful in person, than on film or in photos.
Friday evening Megan and I went to Horse and Hero for a live printing event, and we purchase work from local artists, who we feel very strong about supporting.
Once again, I'm going to attempt to blog daily, because when I try to play catchup, I forget so much!

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Unknown said...

I have told you before. You and Monique could be sisters. Man, you are living the dream.
Libby Ann