Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Apple Used to Be So Good.

I got my first ibook in 2001, it was awesome and wonderful and was a thing of beauty. The only thing that surpassed it was the next macbook I got. It had a built in camera, disc drive/burner, excellent speakers, and a remote controll. It was easy to use, the OS made sense, I couldn't imagine anything better. My imagination was correct. With each successive laptop and OS, Apple has degraded. The speakers are crap, the mic doesn't always work, I had to purchase an external disc drive the remote feature was discontinued long ago, and now that I've updated to osSierra, my computer freezes, iphoto has been replaced with a sucky photos app with less editing controll...all the updates have made things more difficult to use. All that to say, this is why I haven't updated the blog, or been online.

A photo of my beloved macbook, and Megan, who I also kind of love.

New Years Eve was spent at Sweeten Creek Brewing, until they closed at 9pm. From there we went to Jennifer and Gabes. Megan and Oliver were there, and Matt, and Heather, along with their three girls were visiting from NJ. These are all camp friends from Jessicas youth. We played games until was the most fun I've had on NYE in ages; such a lovely group of people.

New Years day Brewier and I took the tree down and put all the Christmas decor away. This is one year I could have happily left it up longer.

in the evening we hung out with seven extra kids, while the parents went out on a double date, kidless, for the first time ever. It was fun having a house full, and Megan, much to their delight, gave them all "rocket rides."

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