Sunday, December 18, 2016

One Week.

We're one week away from Christmas...Im as ready as I will ever be, just waiting for Megans presents to be delivered. I love online shopping.

We've been having the most unusual weather this week, but then this is the south. We had two bitterly cold and windy days, where we stayed huddled around the fireplace, followed by yesterday, which was 58 degrees, sunny, and saw us playing outside without even a sweater on. Today its rainy and cold, perfect for sitting in bed and looking at Christmas books, and craft ideas.

I'm in a bit of a funk, having not crafted this season, but between being sick, and having all my supplies spread throughout the house, (and the only place to craft is at the kitchen table,) it hasn't happened. Maybe this week I can make something.

Last week Jennifer and her children came and spent the afternoon with us. Jennifer and her husband Gabe are friends of Jessica's back from camp days, and they have just moved to Asheville, where is is youth pastor at one of the churches. We are beyond excited to have thm here.

Although our view is of the north, we get a reflected sunrise in the morning. Today it was stunning.

Bits of Christmas around the house.

Oliver requested his photo be taken.

Around town last night.

This mornings decadent breakfast at City Bakery.

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