Saturday, December 03, 2016

"Just a Glimpse."

From "The Family Man," one of my favorite Christmas movies.

I've been reading, "The Disaster Diaries," by Sam Sheridan; it's about surviving the apocalypse. This dude has been training his entire life, learning skills, to survive a major global disaster. He wakes up in the middle of the night, mind racing as he thinks about all the bad things that could happen, and in his book he shares how you too can survive the apocalypse. Crazy or decide. I shared with Megan, that if there was an apocalypse, I wouldn't want to survive. She made an excellent point by telling me that with my health challanges, I have nothing to worry about.

Winter is here...YAY...and I put cozy flannel sheets on my bed. I love them. Living in Florida most of my life, I had no need for cozy sheets; boy was I missing out. They make it extra hard to get out of bed though.

Remember the tv show LOST? There was a character whose entire life was about pushing a button every 108 minutes. That is my life now. We have a security system that goes through our wifi, and every time the wifi drops signal, (which is pretty often) the alarm goes off, and I have to go to the key pad and push the button. This happens all hours of the day and night. My life now has purpose.

Oliver can be a picky eater. Like me, he has many food allergies limiting what he can consume. He can get in a mood where nothing appeals to him, so I tell him Im going to serve him racoon tails, or frog legs. I was eating soup with dumplings and had an ah ha moment. Next time he gets picky, I'm making him this soup and am going to tell him its squirrel brains.

Yesterday Oliver and I decorated the Christmas tree, except for the star, which is always Brewiers job. Its great to have a five year old with a good design asthetic, I never have to redecorate or move ornaments around. I've been listening to the "Bing Crosby Christmas" station on Pandora; it s the music I listened to growing up, and that Jessica and Megan listened to when they were kids. Now its Oliver's turn to be indoctrinated, though his prefered music is electronica, especially Daft Punk.

We were in Target, and Megan called me over to look at this awesome sweater. I told her to pose sexy for the picture. She is definately her mothers daughter.

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