Friday, December 30, 2016


It was so much fun, (even though I get crabby because of all the noise and jam hands,) with Ray, Jessica and the kids here...probably the best Christmas ever. The cherry on top was having Jennifer, Gabe and their children join us in the afternoon. The guys went hiking and us girls played games. We spent a couple of hours playing Pictionary, made extra challenging because Jennifer is from Scotland and so is her edition of the game. Megan and I managed to prove to everyone that we really do share the same brain, by drawing identical scenes for most of the prompts.

Jessica made this fantastic video of their trip here; I've watched it about a dozen times so far.

The secret snackers. Jackson is Brookes protector and shares everything with her.

Yes, I got a handgun for Christmas.

Every little girl should have a mink hat.

I always want to do a fancy, elegant dinner, but my family requests this fare.

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

your family is right - the holidays are about being with people you love or at least tolerate more freely than others! That spread of nibbles and noshes looks just right - a good Christmas together and beginning a New Year - woo hoo!