Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Sometimes I forget about all the stuff you can learn by watching youtube videos. Earlier this year as I watched in horror as the full effects of menopause took place on my face, (drooping eyelids, sagging jowls, weird skin texture with bumps) and my normal makeup application was not working, I turned to the plethora of beauty bloggers on Youtube. Unfortunatly most of those bloogers are under 35. The few I found in my age range were okay, but much of their beauty routine consisted of botox, fillers, really expensive skin care, and I didn't click with them. Then I found this fabulous lady. Her skin care was relevent. She used products I could afford, like ELF, and she is really funny and down to earth. I was hooked, and watched all of her videos. I told Brewier and Megan about her. Their response,"Oh.' Did they not understand how excited I was?
Sunday during brunch, Jason was talking about who he has cast in his upcoming movie, and told Brewier, "Monique is going to be playing your wife." I said, "I know most of those people, but who is Monique?" He replied, "Monique Parent." I geeked out. "I LOVE HER! I WATCH ALL OF HER VIDEOS!" So, yeah. My favorite beauty blogger is going to be Brewiers wife.

I'm still geeking out.


Just Me said...

"My favorite beauty blogger is going to be Brewiers wife!"

I love reading your blog because start to finish they are so, this ending was one of your all time best! lol

Unknown said...

I felt the same way when I met you last year. I looked at Monique's you tube channel and I think you and her could be sisters. Hope you have a great holiday.
Libby Ann