Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Yes I Did.

Going on Dominics' observation of my resemblance to Delores Umbridge, I went to Goodwill, and found the appropriate attire. If I had been able to score a wig, the transformation would have been complete. Did I leave the house looking like this? Good Lord no, it was 80 degrees yesterday! The weather this autumn has felt more like Florida, and when I check my weather app, the temeratures between here and there are too close for my likeing. Instead of swealtering in pink, I went with Megan and Oliver to Walmart...I know! I can't believe I went there either! Oliver, from the ladies pajama section, picked out a Dory onesy for me, and a shark onsie for Brewier. Yes, we wore these out in public to the Biltmore Churches' Haloween night festival. If Oliver ever questions our love of him, I have this photo. (Can I tell you how comfy these pj's are? Brewier and I have made a pact to where them when,(if it ever) it gets cold.) I was very popular with the three and under crowd, and learned that little kids don't see a pesron in a costume, they really thought I was Dory, and were in awe when I would kneel down and talk to them.

Unrelated to any of this, It's my blog birthday today. Fourteen years. Wow.

How could I not post this?

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Elizabeth said...

Both sets of costumes are pretty great hahaha. I want those PJs! I had to work yesterday, but at least I got to see be home in time for the nine kids that came to my door for treats. I rarely if ever get dressed for Halloween, but I think if I had a grandchild, I certainly would! Oliver will have great memories :) Happy Blog anniversary, 14 years is pretty amazing!!!