Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Is It Over Yet?

I've been on the computer less than normal, trying to avoid the disgrace that is our election. Can we go back to being ruled by Great Britain? Please?

I changed out my silver hoop, for a rhinestone stud. It felt weird. The stud part is corkscrew shaped, and screws into your nose to hold it in place. The whole time I wore it I was afraid the rhinestone was going to slip through my piercing, into my nostril, and I would either inhale it, or it would get stuck and I'd end up in the ER like a two year old with a lego up their nose. Neither of these happened, (Thank you laws of gravity) but I continued to freak out the entire day. Megan told me it looked as if I was constantly picking my nose, as I checked to make sure the stud was still in place.

My friend Milissa needed an outfit for an interview, and allowed me to help her shop. Not having shopped since 1986, we not only purchased and interview outfit, but a bra, shoes, handbag, skin care and makeup. I haven't had so much fun in...well, probably years. I've been working on putting together a capsule wardrobe for her, and it's been so exciting and energizing. I really would love being a stylist.

Her interview outfit:

She bought a second topper that works with the outfit. This is her Vogue model expression.

Brewier and I went to the Biltmore while the staff was preparing the house for Christmas. I'm so happy that photography in now allowed. Here is a sneak peek at a tree decorated with...RHINESTONES!

Oliver and I carved a pumpkin for Halloween. Mostly, I carved and cleaned out the pumpkin, because he wasn't about to put his hand into a gooey sticky mess. He hates being sticky, but I told him he had to. He did, proudly pulling out three measly seeds. It's a start.


Elizabeth said...

Anthropologie is always hiring stylists. It's fun!

MrsMouthy said...

Hey Tricia! Just wanted to send you back the hugs you send me in my comments section. I'm finally having a few minutes of free time, so I am going to binge read your blog this week. I love seeing your beautiful life!