Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I 'm So Fancy!

I've started following a few fashion bloggers; ladies who are close in age to myself, hoping to pick up tips on styling my changing form. What I've learned is pretty much what I've always done...wear what you love. I just have to remember that I don't live in the 40's/50's, nor do I need formal wear. A couple of weeks ago one of the bloggers had a giveaway for a pair of beautiful italian leather gloves. I entered it and won! The gloves are from a new company, Beau Gant, and they are lovely. I took a measurement of my hand and emailed the company my size. A few days later, this delightful package arrived for me. The gloves are buttery soft and silk lined, Oliver likes them so much he asked if he could have a pair in a boys size. They would make a very nice Christmas gift, especially for that person who has everything. Included in my package was a lavender sachet, a handwritten note from the president of the company, and a dust bag for my gloves. Fancy!


cherie at stylenudge.com said...

So glad you love the gloves!

Elizabeth said...

I want those gloves!!!